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Conservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Formal Curriculum of Hong Kong: From Cultural Space to Learning SpaceNg, FP; Chan, YY201328
A secular increase in BMD in Chinese women.Cheung, E; Bow, HYC; Loong, C; Lee, KK; Ho, AYY; Soong, SS; Chan, YY; Kung, AWC201329
饒鍔先生的潮州方志學初探Cheng, PWM; Chan, YY201334
The TLR4 antagonist CRX-526 protects against advanced diabetic nephropathyLin, MIAO; Yiu, WH; LI, R; WU, H; WONG, WLD; Chan, YY; Leung, JCK; Lai, KN; Tang, SCW201346
Intangible cultural heritage and education in schools: from cultural space to learning spaceNg, FP; Chan, YY201334
從清華簡《楚居》看中國上古外科醫學Cheng, PWM; Chan, YY201240
New University PutonghuaChan, YY; Kun, HK; Meng, S; Si, CM; Yeung, Y201263
Curriculum Development in Putonghua Education at the Tertiary Levle in Hong KongChan, YY201229
Dual Blockade of Angiotensin II and Prorenin Receptors Ameliorates Podocytic Apoptosis in IgA Nephropathy through Inhibition of the Notch Signaling PathwayLeung, JCK; LIM, AI; Chan, YY; Tang, SCW; Lai, KN201226
論《蕙風詞話》的文獻整理(上)Cheng, PWM; Chan, YY201230
論《蕙風詞話》的文獻整理(下)Cheng, PWM; Chan, YY201231
The effect of macrophages on putative stem/progenitor cells in endometriosisChan, RWS; Chan, YY; Lee, CL; Ng, EHY; Yeung, WSB2012107
Activation of Protease-Activated Receptor 4 (PAR-4) in Tubular Epithelial Cells Contributes to Diabetic NephropathyYiu, WH; Leung, JCK; Chan, YY; Chan, KW; Lan, HY; Lai, KN; Tang, SCW201233
Chemokines Usage by Tubular Epithelial Cells in IgA Nephropathy: Role of TNF-α and Angiotensin IILIM, AI; Tang, SCW; Chan, YY; Lai, KN; Leung, JCK201225
Engineering education opportunities, perceptions and career choice of secondary school students in Hong Kong SAR, ChinaKutnick, PJ; Chan, YY; Lee, PY201280
Anti-Inflammatory Effects of BMP7 on AGEs-Induced Tubular InjuryLI, R; Yiu, WH; LIN, M; WU, H; Chan, YY; Leung, JCK; Lai, KN; Tang, SCW201230
Macrophages increased the colony forming activity of putative endometrial and endometriotic stromal stem cellsChan, RWS; Chan, YY; Lee, CL; Ng, EHY; Yeung, WSB201177
W.B. Pettus and his contributions to TCSL HistoryChan, YY201177
選堂字考——兼及先生名、字、號的其他問題Cheng, PWM; Chan, YY2011116
Human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal/stem cells attenuate tubular inflammation upon albumin challengeWu, H; Yiu, WH; Leung, JCK; Chan, YY; Lian, Q; Lin, M; Tse, HF; Lai, KN; Tang, SCW201180
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