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Comparing Scale Reliabilities: a Structural Equation Modeling approachChan, W; Kwan, J L Y; Zhao, Y201329
A neuroscience pull-out gifted program in a high school in Hong Kong: Connection of neurodegenerative diseases and traditional Chinese medicine in research-based learningSuen, K; Li, M; Chan, W; Chang, RCC201315
Bootstrap confidence intervals for the mean correlation corrected for Case IV range restriction - A more adequate procedure for meta-analysisLi, JCH; Cui, Y; Chan, W201333
Levator palpebrae superioris: an anatomical updateNg, SK; Chan, W; Marcet, MM; Kakizaki, H; Selva, D201344
Hyperglycaemia and vitamin D: a systematic overviewThomas, GN; Scragg, R; Jiang, CQ; Chan, W; März, W; Pilz, S; Kim, HC; Tomlinson, B; Bosch, J; Lam, TH; Cheung, BMY; Cheng, KK2012121
Perception of configural and component information in own-race and other-race faces: an fMRI studyHayward, W; Zhao, M; Cheung, SH; Wong, A; Rhodes, G; Chan, E; Chan, W201263
Liver cancer immunoassay with magnetic nanoparticles and MgO-based magnetic tunnel junction sensorsLei, Z; Li, L; Li, G; Leung, C; Shi, J; Wong, C; Lo, K; Chan, W; Mak, C; Chan, S; Pong, PWT201213
A phase 1 dose-escalating study of pegylated recombinant human arginase 1 (Peg-rhArg1) in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinomaYau, T; Cheng, PN; Chan, P; Chan, W; Chen, L; Yuen, J; Pang, R; Fan, ST; Poon, RT2012147
Health beliefs and preferences for dietary and physical activity intervention of colorectal cancer survivors - results of a questionnaire surveyHo, J; Wong, R; Fong, D; Ho, S; Lee, AM; Macfarlane, D; Leung, S; Ester, C; Chan, W; Leung, I; Lam, S; Taylor, A; Cheng, KK201169
Experience of lifestyle changes among colorectal cancer survivors after diagnosis and treatmentLeung, SSK; Lee, AM; Ho, JWC; Cheng, KK; Macfarlane, DJ; Fong, DYT; Leung, IPF; Lam, SHS; Taylor, AJ; Cerin, E; Chan, W2011103
Need assessment on lifestyle modification intervention for colorectal cancer survivorsLeung, SSK; Lee, AM; Ho, JWC; Cheng, KK; Macfarlane, DJ; Fong, DYT; Leung, IPF; Lam, SHS; Taylor, AJ; Cerin, E; Chan, W2011124
Bootstrap standard error and confidence intervals for the correlations corrected for indirect range restrictionLi, JCH; Chan, W; Cui, Y201181
Copy-number variations involving the IHH locus are associated with syndactyly and craniosynostosisKlopocki, E; Lohan, S; Brancati, F; Koll, R; Brehm, A; Seemann, P; Dathe, K; Stricker, S; Hecht, J; Bosse, K; Betz, RC; Garaci, FG; Dallapiccola, B; Jain, M; Muenke, M; Ng, VCW; Chan, W; Chan, D; Mundlos, S2011182
Metabolomics analysis of the responses to partial hepatectomy in hepatocellular carcinoma patientsChan, W; Lin, SH; Sun, S; Liu, HD; Luk, JMC; Cai, ZW2011137
IL-10 improves retinal ganglion cell survival in experimental glaucoma model via up-regulation of IGF-1 signalingChiu, K; Yeung, SC; Ho, YS; Lok, CKM; Chan, W; So, KF; Chang, RCC201088
Physical Activity Intervention inHo, JWC; Hui, B; Fong, DYT; Macfarlane, DJ; Lee, AM; Leung, SSK; Cerin, E; Chan, W; Leung, I; Lam, S; Taylor, AJ; Cheng, KK2010100
A phase I study of recombinant human arginase I (rhArgI) for patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinomaYau, CC; Chan, P; Pang, R; Chan, W; Cheng, PN; Poon, R201033
Reliable and valid NEWS for Chinese seniors: Measuring perceived neighborhood attributes related to walkingCerin, E; Sit, CHP; Cheung, M; Ho, S; Lee, LJ; Chan, W2010134
Understanding of cellular and molecular physiology of hepatocellular carcinoma through integrative analyses of tissue proteome and transcriptome data (Oral Presentation)Poon, TCW; Pang, RTK; Ho, PLH; Chan, W; Lam, M; Wong, N; Yu, ACW; Lee, MML; Cheung, ST; Fan, ST; Sung, JJY; Lai, PBS2009148
Empowerment and glycaemic control in Chinese diabetic patientsLo, YYC; Lam, CLK; Fong, DYT; Siu, SC; Chan, W2009123
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