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High-resolution melting analysis for rapid screening of BRCA2 founder mutations in Southern Chinese breast cancer patientsKwong, A; Ng, EKO; Law, FBF; Wong, LP; To, MY; Cheung, MT; Wong, HN; Chan, VW; Kurian, A; West, DW; Ford, JM; Ma, ESK2010116
Incidence of plasma cell myeloma in ethnic Chinese in British Columbia, a 30-year survey from 1975-2004Chan, VW; Song, K; Mang, O; Ip, D; Au, WY201092
Targeting cadherin-17 inactivates Wnt signaling and inhibits tumor growth in liver carcinomaLiu, LX; Lee, NP; Chan, VW; Xue, W; Zender, L; Zhang, C; Mao, M; Dai, H; Wang, XL; Xu, MZ; Lee, TK; Ng, IO; Chen, Y; Kung, HF; Lowe, SW; Poon, RTP; Wang, JH; Luk, JM2009369
Kidney claudin-19: Localization in distal tubules and collecting ducts and dysregulation in polycystic renal diseaseLee, NPY; Tong, MK; Leung, PP; Chan, VW; Leung, S; Tam, PC; Chan, KW; Lee, KF; Yeung, WSB; Luk, JM2006163
Mutational analysis of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in Chinese ovarian cancer identifies 6 novel germline mutations.Khoo, US; Ngan, HY; Cheung, AN; Chan, KY; Lu, J; Chan, VW; Lau, S; Andrulis, IL; Ozcelik, H2000119
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