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Serum and glucocorticoid kinase 3 at 8q13.1 promotes cell proliferation and survival in hepatocellular carcinomaLiu, M; Chen, L; Chan, THM; Wang, J; Li, Y; Li, Y; Zeng, TT; Yuan, YF; Guan, XY2012177
Role of translationally controlled tumor protein in cancer progressionChan, THM; Chen, L; Guan, XY2012140
MTSS1, a novel target of DNA methyltransferase 3B, functions as a tumor suppressor in hepatocellular carcinomaFan, H; Chen, L; Zhang, F; Quan, Y; Su, X; Qiu, X; Zhao, Z; Kong, KL; Dong, S; Song, Y; Chan, THM; Guan, XY2012135
Translationally controlled tumor protein induces mitotic defects and chromosome missegregation in hepatocellular carcinoma developmentChan, THM; Chen, L; Liu, M; Hu, L; Zheng, BJ; Poon, VKM; Huang, P; Yuan, YF; Huang, JD; Yang, J; Tsao, GSW; Guan, XY2012167
MicroRNA-375 inhibits tumour growth and metastasis in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma through repressing insulin-like growth factor 1 receptorKong, KL; Kwong, DLW; Chan, THM; Law, SYK; Chen, L; Li, Y; Qin, YR; Guan, XY2012317
CHD1L upregulates TCTP and induce mitotic defects and chromosome missegregation through decreasing Cdk1 activity by Cdc25C ubiquitinationChan, THM; Chen, L; Guan, XY2011292
Clinical significance of CHD1L in hepatocellular carcinoma and therapeutic potentials of virus-mediated CHD1L depletionChen, L; Yuan, YF; Li, Y; Chan, THM; Zheng, BJ; Huang, J; Guan, XY2011224
Characterization of a candidate tumor suppressor gene uroplakin 1A in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaKong, KL; Kwong, DL; Fu, L; Chan, THM; Chen, L; Liu, H; Li, Y; Zhu, YH; Bi, J; Qin, YR; Law, SYK; Guan, XY2010136
Chromosome 1q21 amplification and oncogenes in hepatocellular carcinomaChen, L; Chan, THM; Guan, XY2010120
Identification of the proteins Lsm2 and Apolipoprotein A-1 associated with liver regeneration by proteomic screeingChen, L; Chen, L; Chan, THM; Man, K; Guan, XY201094
CHD1L promotes hepatocellular carcinoma progression and metastasis in mice and is associated with these processes in human patientsChen, L; Chan, THM; Yuan, YF; Hu, L; Huang, J; Ma, S; Wang, J; Dong, SS; Tang, KH; Xie, D; Li, Y; Guan, XY2010731
Chromodomain helicase/adenosine triphosphatase DNA binding protein 1-like (CHD1L) gene suppresses the nucleus-to-mitochondria translocation of Nur77 to sustain hepatocellular carcinoma cell survivalChen, L; Hu, L; Chan, THM; Tsao, GSW; Xie, D; Huo, KK; Fu, L; Ma, S; Zheng, BJ; Guan, XY2009278
CHD1L contributes to hepatocarcinogenesis by transcriptionally activating TCTP-mediated mitotic defects and chromosome missegregationChan, THM; Chen, L; Ma, S; Hu, L; Wang, J; Guan, XY20096,625
DNA fingerprinting tags novel altered chromosomal regions and identifies the involvement of SOX5 in the progression of prostate cancerMa, S; Yuen, PC; Woolcock, B; Hu, L; Kai, YW; Ming, TL; Bainbridge, T; Webber, D; Chan, THM; Guan, XY; Lam, W; Vielkind, J; Kwok, WC2009591
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