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Carvedilol Protects against Iron-Induced Microparticle Generation and Apoptosis of Endothelial CellsChan, S; Chen, MP; Cao, JM; Chan, GCF; Cheung, YF201412
A Study On Sexual Attitudes and Behaviour of Young people in ShanghaiChan, S; Lee, F2013115
Politics Of Détente: Comparing Korea And TaiwanChan, S; Hu, WR; Sohn, IJ201342
China's New Generation Of Leaders And Regional Challenges In East AsiaHu, WR; Chan, S201236
Association between BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutations and Survival in Women with Invasive Epithelial Ovarian CancerBolton, KL; ChenevixTrench, G; Goh, C; Sadetzki, S; Ramus, SJ; Karlan, BY; Lambrechts, D; Despierre, E; Barrowdale, D; McGuffog, L; Healey, S; Easton, DF; Sinilnikova, O; Benítez, J; García, MJ; Neuhausen, S; Gail, MH; Hartge, P; Peock, S; Frost, D; Evans, DG; Eeles, R; Godwin, AK; Daly, MB; Kwong, A; Ma, ESK; Lázaro, C; Blanco, I; Montagna, M; D'Andrea, E; Nicoletto, MO; Johnatty, SE; Kjær, SK; Jensen, A; Høgdall, E; Goode, EL; Fridley, BL; Loud, JT; Greene, MH; Mai, PL; Chetrit, A; Lubin, F; HirshYechezkel, G; Glendon, G; Andrulis, IL; Toland, AE; Senter, L; Gore, ME; Gourley, C; Michie, CO; Song, H; Tyrer, J; Whittemore, AS; McGuire, V; Sieh, W; Kristoffersson, U; Olsson, H; Borg, Å; Levine, DA; Steele, L; Beattie, MS; Chan, S; Nussbaum, RL; Moysich, KB; Gross, J; Cass, I; Walsh, C; Li, AJ; Leuchter, R; Gordon, O; GarciaClosas, M; Gayther, SA; Chanock, SJ; Antoniou, AC; Pharoah, PDP201291
Liver cancer immunoassay with magnetic nanoparticles and MgO-based magnetic tunnel junction sensorsLei, Z; Li, L; Li, G; Leung, C; Shi, J; Wong, C; Lo, K; Chan, W; Mak, C; Chan, S; Pong, PWT201213
Fostering creativity: Perceptions and practices among teachers involved in gifted education. Poster Presentation.Chan, S; Yuen, MT201156
Factors affecting mesenchymal stromal cells yield from bone marrow aspirationLi, J; Wong, WHS; Chan, S; Chim, JCS; Cheung, KMC; Lee, TL; Au, WY; Ha, SY; Lie, AKW; Lau, YL; Liang, RHS; Chan, GCF2011473
Regulation of migration characteristics of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) by encapsulation in collagen matrixWong, MY; Wong, HL; Chan, S; Chan, GCF; Chan, BP2011185
Circulating CD133 +VEGFR2 + and CD34 +VEGFR2 + cells and arterial function in patients with beta-thalassaemia majorCheung, YF; Chan, S; Yang, M; Ye, JY; Ha, SY; Wong, SJ; Chan, GCF2011269
Detection of CD44+ cancer initiating cells in pleural effusion of a liver cancer patientChow, AKM; Poon, RTP; Ng, R; Chiu, L; Chan, S; Pang, RWC2011122
Established an orthotopic neuroblastoma model for the study of neuroblastoma progressionChan, S; Ngan, ESW; Man, NK; Tam, PKH; Chan, GCF201098
Gastrointestinal diseases and respiratory infectious diseases.Chan, S; Collins, RA; Johnston, JM201062
Dissemination reports related to health services and health promotion, mental health, and oncology.Chan, S; Collins, RA; Johnston, JM201062
Understanding how and why Chinese women seek medical help for symptomatic breast cancerLi, WWY; Lam, WWT; Chan, M; Or, A; Kwong, A; Suen, D; Chan, S; Fielding, R2010120
Effects of chelators (Desferal, Deferiprone & Deferaairox) on the growth of klebsiella and aeromonas isolated from transfusion dependent thalassaemia patients.Chan, GCF; Chan, S; Ho, PL; Ha, SY2009207
The Effectiveness Of An Educational Intervention On Pain Belief, Pain And Self Efficacy Of Pain Management Of Patients With Fracture LimbWong, EML; Chan, S; Chair, SY200988
The Effectiveness Of An Educational Intervention On Pain Belief And Post-operative Pain Relief For Chinese Patients With Musculoskeletal Trauma .Wong, EML; Chan, S; Chair, SY2009104
Effects of chelators (desferal, deferiprone & deferasirox) on the growth of Klebsiella and Aeromonas isolated from transfusion dependent thalassemia patients.Chan, GCF; Chan, S; Ho, PL; Ha, SY2009341
Service planning of an air cargo distribution center with discrete event simulationLau, HYK; Chan, BKP; Chan, S2009202
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