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Brain resting-state functional MRI connectivity: Morphological foundation and plasticityZhou, IY; Liang, YX; Chan, RW; Gao, PP; Cheng, JS; Hu, Y; So, KF; Wu, EX201461
Diffusion-weighted resting-state functional MRI at 3TCheng, JS; Zhou, IY; Guo, H; Gao, PP; Chan, RW; Chan, Q; Mak, HKF; Khong, PL; Wu, EX201324
BOLD fMRI study of rat inferior colliculus activated by an oddball paradigmGao, PP; Zhang, JW; Cheng, JS; Chan, RW; Ho, LC; Zhou, IY; Wu, EX201324
Spectral changes in resting-state fMRI connectivity induced by corpus callosum transectionZhou, IY; Liang, YX; Chan, RW; Cheng, JS; Gao, PP; So, KF; Wu, EX201329
Change in tissue microstructure and resting-state functional connectivity in hippocampus during pregnancyChan, RW; Ho, LC; Zhou, IY; Wu, EX201323
Anatomical/axonal basis and plasticity of resting-state fMRI connectivity in an experimental model of corpus callosum transectionZhou, IY; Liang, YX; Chan, RW; Fan, SJ; Gao, PP; Cheng, JS; So, KF; Wu, EX201328
Interhemispheric connectivity in MEMRI correlates with interhemispheric in resting-state fMRIChan, RW; Zhou, IY; Fan, JSJ; Wu, EX201320
Hypoxia decreases resting-state functional connectivity in anesthetized ratsCheng, JS; Zhou, IY; Gao, PP; Chan, RW; Wu, EX201354
Balanced Steady-State Free Procession (bSSFP) for detecting resting-state networks in rat brain at 7TGao, PP; Chan, RW; Cheng, JS; Zhou, IY; Wu, EX201332
Investigating resting-state functional connectivity using passband bSSFPCheng, JS; Zhou, IY; Gao, PP; Chan, RW; Chan, Q; Mak, HKF; Khong, PL; Wu, EX201353
Neural origin of the interhemispheric functional connectivity loss after complete corpus callosotomyChan, RW; Zhou, IY; Liang, YX; Hu, Y; So, KF; Wu, EX201322
Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of regional metabolic changes in rat brain during pregnancyZhou, IY; Chan, RW; Ho, LC; Gao, PP; Wu, EX201267
Resting-state functional connectivity during pregnancyChan, RW; Zhou, IY; Ho, LC; Wu, EX201257
Resting-state functional connectivity changes induced by sleep deprivationZhou, IY; Chan, RW; Ding, AY; Lee, FYH; Wu, EX201292
Resting-state functional connectivity altered by complete and partial corpus callosotomy in ratsZhou, IY; Liang, YX; Cheng, JS; Chan, RW; Chan, KC; So, KF; Wu, EX2012101
Editorial Article: Dental implants: answers to common questionsTso, H; Chan, RW; Cheung, LK199684
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