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Common Variants on Xq28 Conferring Risk of Schizophrenia in Han ChineseWong, HME; SO, HC; Li, M; Wang, Q; Butler, WL; BASIL, P; WU, HM; Hui, TCK; CHOI, SC; So, MT; Garcia-Barcelo, MM; McAlonan, GM; Chen, EYH; Cheung, EFC; Chan, RCK; Purcell, SM; Cherny, SS; Chen, RYL; Li, T; Sham, PC201348
Characteristics and clinical correlates of prospective memory performance in first-episode schizophreniaZhou, FC; Xiang, YT; Wang, CY; Dickerson, F; Au, RWC; Zhou, JJ; Zhou, Y; Shum, DHK; Chiu, HFK; Man, D; Lee, EHM; Yu, X; Chan, RCK; Ungvari, GS2012124
Executive function in first-episode schizophrenia: A three-year longitudinal study of an ecologically valid testLiu, KCM; Chan, RCK; Chan, KKS; Tang, JYM; Chiu, CPY; Lam, MML; Chan, SKW; Wong, GHY; Hui, CLM; Chen, EYH2011215
A family study of endophenotypes for psychosis within an early intervention programme in Hong Kong: Rationale and preliminary findingsLui, SSY; Sham, P; Chan, RCK; Cheung, EFC201151
Social attribution in children with high functioning autism and Asperger syndrome: An exploratory study in the Chinese settingChan, RCK; Hu, ZY; Cui, JF; Wang, Y; McAlonan, GM2011185
Brain anatomical abnormalities in high-risk individuals, first-episode, and chronic schizophrenia: An activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis of illness progressionChan, RCK; Di, X; McAlonan, GM; Gong, QY2011112
Is there an anatomical endophenotype for neurodevelopmental disorders? A review of dual disorder anatomical likelihood estimation (ALE) meta-analyses of grey matter volumesMcAlonan, GM; Yu, KK; Chan, RCK; Chua, SE; Cheung, C201183
First episode psychosis with extrapyramidal signs prior to antipsychotic drug treatmentHoner, WG; Lang, DJ; Kopala, LC; Macewan, GW; Smith, GN; Chen, EYH; Chan, RCK201179
中国沿海省份大城市紧凑程度测算方法与分析Chan, RCK; Xie, Y2010397
Prevalence of neurological soft signs and their neuropsychological correlates in typically developing Chinese children and Chinese children with ADHDChan, RCK; McAlonan, GM; Yang, B; Lin, L; Shum, D; Manschreck, TC2010121
Contribution of working memory components to the performance of the tower of Hanoi in schizophreniaChan, RCK; Wang, YN; Cao, XY; Chen, EYH201086
Strategies for the study of neuropsychiatric disorders using endophenotypes in developing countries: A potential databank from ChinaChan, RCK; Gottesman, II; Ge, X; Sham, PC201090
Identification of neuroglycan C and interacting partners as potential susceptibility genes for schizophrenia in a Southern Chinese populationSo, HC; Fong, PY; Chen, RYL; Hui, TCK; Ng, MYM; Cherny, SS; Mak, WWM; Cheung, EFC; Chan, RCK; Chen, EYH; Li, T; Sham, PC2010113
Facial emotion processing in schizophrenia: A meta-analysis of functional neuroimaging dataLi, H; Chan, RCK; McAlonan, GM; Gong, QY2010146
Maturation of social attribution skills in typically developing children: An investigation using the social attribution taskHu, Z; Chan, RCK; McAlonan, GM2010169
Neurological soft signs and their relationships to neurocognitive functions: A re-visit with the structural equation modeling designChan, RCK; Wang, Y; Wang, L; Chen, EYH; Manschreck, TC; Li, ZJ; Yu, X; Gong, QY200990
Assessment of executive functions: Review of instruments and identification of critical issuesChan, RCK; Shum, D; Toulopoulou, T; Chen, EYH2008173
A meta-analysis of association studies between the 10-repeat allele of a VNTR polymorphism in the 3′-UTR of dopamine transporter gene and attention deficit hyperactivity disorderYang, B; Chan, RCK; Jing, J; Li, T; Sham, P; Chen, RYL200760
Neurological abnormalities in Chinese schizophrenic patientsChan, RCK; Chen, EYH200757
Neurocognitive deficits in first-episode schizophrenic patients and their first-degree relativesMa, X; Wang, Q; Sham, PC; Liu, X; RabeHesketh, S; Sun, X; Hu, J; Meng, H; Chen, W; Chen, EYH; Deng, W; Chan, RCK; Murray, RM; Collier, DA; Li, T200784
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