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Factors influencing talent development: Stories of four Hong Kong elite sportspersonsChan, R; Yuen, MT201321
Influence of income and self-rated socio-economic position on lifestyle, and physical and psychological function in older Chinese adults aged 65 years and overWoo, J; Leung, J; Chan, R; Chau, PH201331
Another light in the dark: review of new method for the arthroscopic repair of triangular fibrocartilage complexTang, CYK; Fung, BKK; Chan, R; Lung, CP201259
Outcome of a postnatal depression screening programme using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale: A randomized controlled trialLeung, SSL; Leung, C; Lam, TH; Hung, SF; Chan, R; Yeung, T; Miao, M; Cheng, S; Leung, SH; Lau, A; Lee, DTS2011331
Gastrointestinal metastasis: a clinicopathological study of 34 patietnsChan, R; Chan, SY; Chu, KM201183
Relationship between dietary intake and the development of type 2 diabetes in a Chinese population: The Hong Kong Dietary SurveyYu, R; Woo, J; Chan, R; Sham, A; Ho, S; Tso, A; Cheung, B; Lam, TH; Lam, K2011435
Using Chinese Dietetics to Improve the Health of Abused WomenTiwari, AFY; Chan, R; Fong, DYT; Chan, EKL; Tang, D2009100
Role Of Occupational Therapist In Rehabilitation Of Rheumatoid WristLi, T; Leung, G; Chan, R; Cheung, N; Ahmed, SK; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY; Chow, SP2008123
A Special Issue on Scientific ComputingChan, R; Ching, WK; Ng, KP2007106
Reaction time of the Continuous Performance Test is an endophenotypic marker for schizophrenia: A study of first-episode neuroleptic-naive schizophrenia, their non-psychotic first-degree relatives and healthy population controlsWang, Q; Chan, R; Sun, J; Yao, J; Deng, W; Sun, X; Liu, X; Sham, PC; Ma, X; Meng, H; Murray, RM; Collier, DA; Li, T2007164
An evaluation of the effectiveness of an empowerment intervention in a group of abused Chinese womenTiwari, AFY; Salili, F; Chan, R; Chan, EKL; Tang, D200787
Treatment of rectal cancer without radiotherapy? [1] (multiple letters)Read, TE; Law, WL; Ho, JWC; Chan, R; Au, G; Chu, KW200646
Outcome of anterior resection for stage II rectal cancer without radiation: The role of adjuvant chemotherapyLaw, WL; Ho, JWC; Chan, R; Au, G; Chu, KW2005124
Student learning in clinical nursing education: Perceptions of the relationship between assessment and learningTiwari, A; Lam, D; Yuen, KH; Chan, R; Fung, T; Chan, S2005189
The counselling self-estimate inventory (COSE): Does it work in Chinese counsellors?Yuen, M; Chan, R; Lau, P; Lam, MP; Shek, DTL2004271
Comparative efficacy of three 5-HT3 antagonists (granisetron, ondansetron, and tropisetron) plus dexamethasone for the prevention of cisplatin-induced acute emesis: A randomized crossover studyChua, DTT; Sham, JST; Kwong, DLW; Kwok, CCH; Yue, A; Foo, YC; Chan, R2000126
Reproducibility of transmission line measurement of bipolar I-V characteristics of MOSFET'sChen, TP; Chan, R; Fung, S; Lo, KF1999808
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