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Chemical pathology case conference - Serum tumour markersPoon, WT; Yuen, YP; Mak, CM; Chan, AOK; Chan, MHM; Chiu, RWK; Lam, CW; Mak, TWL; Shek, CC; Tai, MHL; Tam, S; Chan, AYW2010130
DNA-based diagnosis of malignant osteopetrosis by whole-genome scan using a single-nucleotide polymorphism microarray: Standardization of molecular investigations of genetic diseases due to consanguinityLam, CW; Tong, SF; Wong, K; Luo, YF; Tang, HY; Ha, SY; Chan, MHM200786
Chemical pathology case conference - Common endocrine testsTai, MHL; Mak, CM; Yuen, YP; Lam, CW; Chiu, RWK; Chan, MHM; Chan, AYW; Shek, ACC; Mak, TWL; Poon, WT; Tam, S2007106
Chemical pathology case conference - Laboratory tests for diabetes mellitusYuen, YP; Mak, CM; Chan, AOK; Chan, MHM; Chiu, RWK; Lam, CW; Mak, TWL; Poon, WT; Shek, ACC; Tai, MHL; Tam, S; Chan, AYW2007122
Chemical pathology case conference - Renal function testsYuen, YP; Tam, S; Chan, AKC; Mak, TWL; Lam, CW; Shek, ACC; Chiu, RWK; Chan, MHM; Tai, MHL; Chan, AYW2006174
Chemical pathology case conference - Assessment of iron status in general practiceMak, CM; Chiu, RWK; Lam, CW; Chan, AYW; Mak, TWL; Shek, A; Chan, MHM; Tai, MHL; Yuen, YP; Poon, WT; Tam, S2006114
The importance of the interpretation of urine catecholamines is essential for the diagnosis and management of patient with dopamine-secreting paragangliomaTam, V; Ng, KF; Fung, LM; Wong, YY; Chan, MHM; Lam, CW; Tam, S; Lam, CWK200586
Chemical pathology case conference: Acid-base disordersLam, CW; Mak, TWL; Chan, AYW; Chiu, RWK; Tai, MHL; Chan, MHM; Shek, ACC; Tam, S2005134
Chemical pathology case conference - Liver function testsChiu, RWK; Chan, AYW; Chan, MHM; Lam, CW; Mak, TWL; Shek, ACC; Tai, MHL; Tam, S2004287
Quantitative analysis of pleural fluid cell-free DNA as a tool for the classification of pleural effusionsChan, MHM; Chow, KM; Chan, ATC; Leung, CB; Chan, LYS; Chow, KCK; Lam, CW; Lo, YMD200392
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