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Managing environmental hazards of outdoor falls among the elderly population of Hong KongLai, PC; Wong, WC; Chan, MH; Low, CT; Wong, M2012161
A small-area study of environmental risk assessment of outdoor fallsLai, PC; Wong, WC; Low, CT; Wong, M; Chan, MH2011187
Geographic distribution of elderly falls in MongkokLow, CT; Lai, PC; Wong, WC; Chan, MH; Wong, M201179
Spatial analysis of falls in an urban community of Hong KongLai, PC; Low, CT; Wong, M; Wong, WC; Chan, MH2009140
Computational fluid dynamic study on the effect of cooling tower plume in an alley of a Mega CityChan, MH; Liu, CH; Chan, DWT2009142
An Ecological Study Of Physical Environmental Risk Factors For Elderly Falls In An Urban Setting Of Hong KongLai, PC; Wong, M; Chan, MH; Wong, WC; Low, CT2009124
Oral health care for inmates of rehabilitation centres in Hong KongWong, MCM; Lui, KC; Chan, MH; Cheng, GWK; Cheung, AWT; Cheung, GJK; Fung, PL; Fung, SL; Lam, YH; Mui, NHT; Wong, KL; Wong, KY2008113
An integrated fuzzy approach for the selection of manufacturing technologiesChan, FTS; Chan, HK; Chan, MH; Humphreys, PK2006182
Efficient event and query distribution in sensor networksChan, MH; Lui, KS; Tam, V2005182
An integrated fuzzy decision support system for multi-criterion decision-making problemsChan, FTS; Chan, HK; Chan, MH200395
Investment appraisal techniques for advanced manufacturing technology (AMT): A literature reviewChan, FTS; Chan, MH; Lau, H; Ip, RWL2001233
Evaluation methodologies for technology selectionChan, FTS; Chan, MH; Tang, NKH2000181
Selecting a flexible manufacturing system using multiple criteria analysis integrated with Neu-Fuzzy toolsChan, FTS; Jiang, B; Chan, MH1999148
Evaluation methodologies for technology selectionChan, FTS; Chan, MH; Tang, NKH199997
The effects of routing flexibility on a flexible manufacturing systemChan, FTS; Mak, KL; Chan, MH199982
The integration of digital service technology with design and manufacturingLee, J; Tang, NKH; Chan, FTS; Chan, MH199988
An integrated approach to investment appraisal for Advanced Manufacturing TechnologyChan, FTS; Chan, MH; Mak, KL; Tang, NKH1999137
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