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Obstructive lung disease does not increase lung cancer mortality among female never-smokers in Hong KongLeung, CC; Lam, TH; Yew, WW; Law, WS; Tam, CM; Chang, KC; McGhee, S; Tam, SY; Chan, KF2012122
Perspectives of the dentists on smoking cessation in Hong KongLu, HX; Wong, MCM; Chan, KF; Chan, TK; Chung, WY; Leung, MY; Mak, YK; Pu, YC; Wong, SSS; Wong, WY; Yeung, HW2011139
Flavonoid dimers as bivalent modulators for P-glycoprotein-based multidrug resistance: Structure-activity relationshipsChan, KF; Zhao, Y; Chow, TWS; Yan, CSW; Ma, DL; Burkett, BA; Wong, ILK; Chow, LMC; Chan, TH2009121
Clustering uncertain data using voronoi diagramsKao, B; Lee, SD; Cheung, DW; Ho, WS; Chan, KF2008126
Granulin-epithelin precursor as a therapeutic target for hepatocellular carcinomaHo, JC; Ip, YC; Cheung, ST; Lee, YT; Chan, KF; Wong, SY; Fan, ST2008116
Flavonoid dimers as bivalent modulators for pentamidine and sodium stiboglucanate resistance in LeishmaniaWong, ILK; Chan, KF; Burkett, BA; Zhao, Y; Chai, Y; Sun, H; Chan, TH; Chow, LMC2007226
Effects of long-term rofecoxib on gastric intestinal metaplasia: Results of a randomized controlled trialLeung, WK; Ng, EKW; Chan, FKL; Chan, WY; Chan, KF; Auyeung, ACM; Lam, CCH; Lau, JYW; Sung, JJY2006103
Helicobacter pylori infection in 1st degree relatives of Chinese gastric cancer patientsLeung, WK; Ng, EKW; Lam, CCH; Chan, KF; Chan, WY; Auyeung, ACM; Wu, JCY; Ching, JYL; Lau, JYW; Sung, JJY200671
Risk factors associated with the development of intestinal metaplasia in first-degree relatives of gastric cancer patientsLeung, WK; Ng, EKW; Chan, WY; Auyeung, ACM; Chan, KF; Lam, CCH; Chan, FKL; Lau, JYW; Sung, JJY200588
Copper/MCM-41 as catalyst for photochemically enhanced oxidation of phenol by hydrogen peroxideHu, X; Lam, FLY; Cheung, LM; Chan, KF; Zhao, XS; Lu, GQ2001177
Genetic diversity and relationships detected by isozyme and RAPD analysis of crop and wild species of AmaranthusChan, KF; Sun, M1997189
Detection of welding defects using neural networksCheung, KC; Chan, CW; Chan, KF; Chan, WC199774
A computer aided solution for the design of toggle mechanisms for injection moulding machinesSze, WS; Chan, KF199595
An integrated environment-protecting design for air-conditioning and fire protection for rooms housing main-frame computersCheung, KP; Yeung, YW; Chan, KF1993121
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