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Using 3D Virtual Environments to Facilitate Students in Constructivist LearningChau, MCL; Wong, ACP; Wang, M; Lai, S; Chan, K; Chu, D; Chan, I; Li, TMH201343
The first six months after the death of patient: a prospective study on bereaved family members of hospice patientsChow, AYM; Chan, I201221
Eliciting knowledge management research themes and issues: Results from a focus group studyChan, I; Chau, PYK2008416
Redips: Backlink search and analysis on the web for business intelligence analysisChau, M; Shiu, B; Chan, I; Chen, H2007113
Refinery of an Internet-based Search Tool: Exploring Perceptions from Information Systems PractitionersChau, MCL; Chan, I2006112
A Refinery of an Internet-Based Search Tool - Exploring Perceptions from Information Systems Practititoners'Chau, MCL; Chan, I200574
Automated Identification of Web Communites for Business Intelligence AnalysisChau, MCL; Shiu, KW; Chan, I; Chen, H200565
A proposed conceptual model for studying job stress in IT professionalsChan, I; Chau, PYK2001140
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