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Hepatocellular carcinoma: transcriptome diversity regulated by RNA editingLi, Y; Chen, L; Chan, HM; Guan, X201322
Recoding RNA editing of AZIN1 predisposes to hepatocellular carcinomaChen, L; Li, Y; Lin, C; Chan, HM; Chow, KK; Song, Y; Liu, M; Yuan, YF; Fu, L; Kong, KL; Qi, L; Li, Y; Zhang, N; Tong, AHY; Kwong, DLW; Man, K; Lo, CM; Lok, S; Tenen, DG; Guan, X2013109
Role of translationally controlled tumor protein in cancer progressionChan, HM; Chen, L; Guan, X201313
SPOCK1 is regulated by CHD1L and blocks apoptosis and promotes HCC cell invasiveness and metastasis in miceLi, Y; Chen, L; Chan, HM; Liu, M; Kong, KL; Qiu, JL; Yuan, YF; Guan, X201315
Group 9 metal-based inhibitors of β-amyloid (1-40) fibrillation as potential therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's diseaseMan, BYW; Chan, HM; Leung, CH; Chan, DSH; Bai, LP; Jiang, ZH; Li, HW; Ma, DL201163
Identification and characterization of SPOCK1 in HCC developmentLi, Y; Chan, HM; Chen, L; Guan, XY2011281
Clinical significance of CHD1L in hepatocellular carcinoma and therapeutic potentials of virus-mediated CHD1L depletionChen, L; Chan, HM; Guan, XY2011166
Estimation of greenhouse gas emission and carbon footprint of sewage treatment plantsSu, MN; Chan, HM; Chan, IH; Chen, W; Chow, CH; Fong, YM; Fung, WC; Zhang, T2010253
The Use of Instrumentation to Back Analyze Rock Mass Modulus During a Cavern Construction in Hong KongKwong, AKL; Chan, HM2009116
CHD1L suppresses the nucleus-to-mitochondria translocation of Nur77 to sustain hepatocellular carcinoma cell survivalChen, L; Hu, L; Chan, HM; Guan, XY2009219
A novel mutation of SLC22A12 gene causing primary renal hypouricemia in a patient with metabolic syndromeLam, CW; Kong, APS; Tsui, TKC; Ozaki, R; Chan, HM; Tong, SF; Siu, TS; Tam, S; Chan, JCN2008106
Development of modular green roofs for high-density urban citiesHui, SCM; Chan, HM2008382
Involvement of visinin-like protein-1 (VSNL-1) in regulating proliferative and invasive properties of neuroblastomaXie, Y; Chan, HM; Fan, J; Chen, Y; Young, J; Li, W; Miao, X; Yuan, Z; Wang, HM; Tam, PKH; Ren, Y2007123
A novel mutation at a ligand-binding site of hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase, p.Y105C (HPRTHongKong), in a Chinese teenager with recurrent gouty arthritisLam, CW; Lee, KP; Ng, KF; Siu, TS; Chan, HM; Tam, S200767
Visinin like protein 1 (VILIP-1) enhances neuroblastoma cell migrationRen, Y; Xie, Y; Chan, HM; Tam, PKH200674
Inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis in vitro and in vivo by targeting macrophage migration inhibitory factor in human neuroblastomaRen, Y; Chan, HM; Fan, J; Xie, Y; Chen, Y; Li, W; Jiang, G; Liu, Q; Meinhardt, A; Tam, PKH2006187
腦有所醫:二十二個為「腦」力而加油的感人故事Cheung, RTF; Chan, HM; Tsoi, TH; Ng, PW; Ng, KK; Yeung, HM2006109
Removing intensity effects and identifying significant genes for Affymetrix arrays in macrophage migration inhibitory factor-suppressed neuroblastoma cellsFan, JQ; Chen, Y; Chan, HM; Tam, PKH; Ren, Y2005130
A new approach for image enhancement applied to low-contrast-low-illumination IC and document imagesLeung, CC; Chan, KS; Chan, HM; Tsui, WK2005299
Hepatocyte growth factor promotes cancer cell migration and angiogenic factors expression: A prognostic marker of human esophageal squamous cell carcinomasRen, Y; Cao, B; Law, S; Xie, Y; Lee, PY; Cheung, L; Chen, Y; Huang, X; Chan, HM; Zhao, P; Luk, J; Vande Woude, G; Wong, J2005139
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