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Mandalas as indicators of burnout among end-of-life care workersPotash, JS; Bardot, H; Wang, X; Chan, F; Ho, AHY; Cheng, C201413
Development and Validation of Chinese Health Literacy Scale for Chronic Illness (CHLCC)Leung, AYM; Cheung, MKT; Chan, F; Ho, CKY; Do, TL; Chi, I201339
Usage of community services and domestic helpers predicted institutionalization of elders having functional or cognitive impairments: A 12-month longitudinal study in Hong KongChau, PH; Woo, J; Kwok, T; Chan, F; Hui, E; Chan, KC2012253
Operative outcomes of colonic interposition in the treatment of esophageal cancer: a three decades experienceTong, D; Law, S; Chan, F201297
Extraordinary metabolic stability of peptides containing α-aminoxy acidsChan, F; Ma, B; Yang, Z; Lin, G; Yang, D2012329
Art Therapy Approach to Burnout Reduction for Hospice and Palliative Care WorkersPotash, JS; Chan, F; Cheng, CCY; Wang, X; Ho, AHY201295
Minimally invasive surgery for achalasiaTong, D; Law, S; Chan, F201258
Competitive forces and the importance of management control systems in emerging-economy firms: the moderating effect of international market orientationO’Connor, NG; Vera-Muñoz, SC; Chan, F2011148
Vitamin D deficiency in Hong Kong residential care homes for elderly: an explorative studyLeung, AYM; Cheung, KT; Chan, SSC; Lie Ken Jie, MSF; Chan, F; Lam, CW2011119
Validation of the Chinese Health Literacy Scale: Using Item Response Theory (poster presentation)Leung, AYM; Cheung, KT; Ho, C; Do, TL; Chan, F2011142
Utilization of emergency room and hospitalization by chinese nursing home residents: A cross-sectional studyTang, M; Woo, J; Hui, E; Chan, F; Lee, J; Sham, A; Chau, PH2010179
Disagreement in preference for residential care between family caregivers and elders is greater among cognitively impaired elders group than cognitively intact elders groupChau, PH; Kwok, T; Woo, J; Chan, F; Hui, E; Chan, KC2010244
The effects of market competition and international orientation on Management Control Systems' use by Emerging Market Publicly Listed CompaniesO'Connor, NG; Vera-Muñoz, SC; Chan, F2010107
Survival prediction in nursing home residents using the Minimum Data Set subscales: ADL Self-Performance Hierarchy, Cognitive Performance and the Changes in Health, End-stage disease and Symptoms and Signs scalesLee, JSW; Chau, PPH; Hui, E; Chan, F; Woo, J200968
Caring for Carers: Spiritual Transformation from Grief to Celebration of Life.Chan, CLW; Chan, T.Y.F; Tin, AF; Pon, KL; Leung, PPY; Chan, W.K.H; Chan, F; Chow, AYM200696
A comprehensive and real-time fingerprint verification system for embedded devicesYeung, HW; Moon, YS; Chen, JS; Chan, F; Ng, YM; Chung, HS; Pun, KH200592
Air distribution design in a SARS Ward with multiple bedsChan, F; Cheung, V; Law, V; Li, Y; Wong, A; Yau, R2004134
Air distribution design in a SARS ward with multiple bedsChan, F; Cheung, V; Law, V; Li, Y; Wong, A; Yau, RMH2003119
Stigmatizing attitudes towards individuals with mental illness in Hong Kong: Implications for their recoveryTsang, HWH; Tam, PKC; Chan, F; Cheung, WM2003157
Sources of burdens on families of individuals with mental illnessTsang, HWH; Tam, PKC; Chan, F; Chang, WM2003114
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