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The effectiveness of the Spiritual Enhancement Group for Chinese elders: evidence from a quasi-experiment
HKAG 19th Annual Congress of Gerontology 2012
Lou, VWQ; Chan, CLY; Fok, SSY; Tsui, AKM; Dai, A; Leung, DYP201246
Conceptualizing and assessing spirituality among Chinese elders: towards evidence-based practice
Generations Review
British Society of Gerontology. The Journal's web site is located at
Lou, VWQ; Chan, CLY; Leung, DYP; Fok, SSY; Tsui, AKM; Gui, SX; Shek, DTL2012105
Measuring transcednence among Chinese older adults: a spiritual approach
The Gerontologist: a journal of the Gerontological Society of America
Oxford University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Lou, V; Chan, CLY; Leung, DYP; Fok, SSY; Tsui, AKM2011104
Development and validation of a spirituality scale for Chinese elders: a mixed approach
8th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities and Asian Ageing Development Conference, 2011
Lou, VW; Fok, SSY; Leung, DYP; Chan, CLY; Tsui, AKM201191
Introducing the 8A model in death education training: Promoting planning for end-of-life care for Hong Kong Chinese
Illness Crisis and Loss
Baywood Publishing Co., Inc.. The Journal's web site is located at
Chan, WCH; Tin, AF; Chan, CHY; Chan, CLY; Tang, ACW2010200
Conceptualizing the spirituality of Chinese older adults: A Delphi study
Hong Kong Associaiton of Gerontology 18th Annual Congress of Gerontology
Hong Kong Associaiton of Gerontology.
Lou, VW; Chan, CLY; Fok, SSY; Tsui, AKM2010124
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