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Effects of hypoxia on benthic community: from biofilms to invertebrates (In Press)Cheung, SG; Chan, C; Po, B; Li, A; Leung, J; Qiu, JW; Ang, P; Vengatesen, T; Wu, RSS; Shin, P; Chiu, J201332
Assessing Censorship on Microblogs in China: Discriminatory Keyword Analysis and the Real-Name Registration PolicyFu, KW; Chan, C; Chau, MCL201371
Contextualising inclusive education in English language teaching: enhancing pre-service teachers' awareness and provision of inclusive education in ESL classroomsChan, C; Lo, MM201251
The battle against nasopharyngeal cancerLee, AWM; Ng, WT; Chan, YH; Sze, H; Chan, C; Lam, TH201291
Identification of a DNA aptamer that inhibits sclerostin's antagonistic effect on Wnt signallingShum, KT; Chan, C; Leung, CM; Tanner, JA2011205
Immunoassays based on Penicillium marneffei Mp1p derived from Pichia pastoris expression system for diagnosis of penicilliosisWang, YF; Cai, JP; Wang, YD; Dong, H; Hao, W; Jiang, LX; Long, J; Chan, C; Woo, PCY; Lau, SKP; Yuen, KY; Che, XY2011108
Understand and promoting oral health of Indonesia domestic helpers in Hong KongChan, C; Ho, CH; Kot, S; Kwok, L; Kwong, W; Mak, S; Ng, Z; Szeto, W; Yu, Y; Gao, X2011103
Knowledge building teacher network (KBTN) in Hong Kong: Sustaining and scaling up knowledge building through principlebased innovationChan, C; Law, N; Hui, D; Fung, YH201190
Factors related to suicidal ideation among adolescents in Hong KongNg, SM; Ran, MS; Chan, C2010210
CorrespondenceWong, I; Koo, S; Chan, C201072
Editorial: Facilitating chinese people to reconstruct and transform in face of lossesNg, SM; Chan, C2010170
ASCI 2010 appropriateness criteria for cardiac magnetic resonance imaging: a report of the Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging cardiac computed tomography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging guideline working groupASCI CCT and CMR Guideline Working Group; Kitagawa, K; Choi, BW; Chan, C; Jinzaki, M; Tsai, IC; Yong, HS; Yu, W2010211
Pegaptanib for Branch Retinal Vein OcclusionWong, I; Koo, S; Chan, C201055
Effect of intravitreal bevacizumab (IVB) in treating macular edema secondary to branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO).Wong, I; Koo, S; Chan, C201064
ASCI 2010 contrast media guideline for cardiac imaging: a report of the Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging cardiac computed tomography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging guideline working groupASCI CCT & CMR Guideline Working Group; Jinzaki, M; Kitagawa, K; Tsai, IC; Chan, C; Yu, W; Yong, HS; Choi, BW2010282
Analysis of H5N1 avian influenza infections from wild bird surveillance in Hong Kong from January 2006 to October 2007Ellis, TM; Dyrting, KC; Wong, CW; Chadwick, B; Chan, C; Chiang, M; Li, C; Li, P; Smith, GJD; Guan, Y; Malik Peiris, JS2009114
Aptamer-based Inhibitor of Sclerostin for Osteoporosis TherapyShum, KT; Chan, C; Leung, CM; Tanner, JA200998
Attitudes of Chinese couples in Hong Kong regarding using preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and human leukocyte antigens (HLA) typing to conceive a 'Saviour Child'Hui, EC; Chan, C; Liu, A; Chow, K2009375
Electrical characteristics of MOS capacitors with HfTiON as gate dielectricChen, W; Xu, J; Lai, P; Li, Y; Xu, S; Chan, C200997
Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus nucleocapsid protein does not modulate transcription of the human FGL2 geneSiu, KL; Chan, CP; Chan, C; Zheng, BJ; Jin, DY2009331
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