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Human Resource Management in Hong KongChan, A; Man, DCK201493
Mental and Physical Activities Delay Cognitive Decline in Older Persons With DementiaCheng, S; Chow, P; Song, Y; Yu, E; Chan, A; Lam, J201371
Phosphorylation of Sox9 is required for neural crest delamination and is regulated downstream of BMP and canonical Wnt signalingLIU, A; Wu, MH; Yan, HC; Chau, KHB; So, H; Ng, A; Chan, A; Cheah, KSE; Briscoe, J; Cheung, MCH201343
Interaction of decreased pH and salinity alters biochemical composition of oyster larvae at the time of settlement: new insights from fatty acid analysis by GC-MS (Under Review)Vengatesen, T; Sewell, M; Chan, A; Shin, P; KO, WK201325
Validation study of the Chinese Identification Pain Questionnaire for neuropathic painChan, A; Wong, S; Chen, PP; Tsoi, TH; Lam, J; Ip, WY; Wong, CP; Wong, L; Mok, V201185
A study of discourse of professionals in a medical laboratoryZhang, W; Chan, A; Zayts, O; Tang, M; Tam, WK201174
A novel de novo BRCA1 mutation in a Chinese woman with early onset breast cancerKwong, A; Ng, EKO; Tang, EYH; Wong, CLP; Law, FBF; Leung, CPH; Chan, A; Cheung, MT; To, MY; Ma, ESK; West, DW; Ford, JM2011150
Examining the validity and reliability of the Chinese version of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire, long form (IPAQ-LC)MacFarlane, D; Chan, A; Cerin, E2011136
Surveillance of influenza viruses in swine in Hong Kong abattoir: methods and feasibilityMa, ESK; Ho, PL; Cheung, CY; Tse, TM; Chan, A; Dhanasekaran, V; Poon, LLM; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM2011141
Revisiting face in Chinese business meetings in Hong KongChan, A; Schnurr, S; Zayts, OA201145
Feasibility, acceptability and utilization of an e-cardiovascular profile platform amongst physicians and patientsJohnston, JM; Kong, JHB; Vu, MT; Schooling, CM; Tinsley, HM; Chan, A; Tsang, L; Chan, J201077
Plasma microRNA as a potential marker for breast cancer detectionNg, EKO; Leung, C; Au, S; Chan, A; Wong, C; Ma, E; Pang, RWC; Chua, D; Chu, KM; Law, WL; Poon, RTP; Kwong, A2010281
Risk associations of obesity with sugar-sweetened beverages and lifestyle factors in Chinese: The Better Health for Better Hong Kong health promotion campaignKo, GT; So, WY; Chow, CC; Wong, PT; Tong, SD; Hui, SS; Kwok, R; Chan, A; Chan, CL; Chan, JC201084
Optimizing data acquisition by sensor-channel co-allocation in wireless sensor networksWang, Y; Wang, CL; Cao, JN; Chan, A2010745
Abnormalities in circulating plasmacytoid dendritic cells in patients with systemic lupus erythematosusJin, O; Kavikondala, S; Mok, MY; Sun, L; Gu, J; Fu, R; Chan, A; Yeung, J; Nie, Y; Lau, CS2010497
1α, 25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 suppresses differentiation, maturation and activation of dendritic cells from patients with systemic lupus erythematosusWu, H; Lau, CS; Chan, A; Mok, MY20107,453
Policy impacts on pedagogical practice and ICT use: An exploration of the results from SITES 2006Law, N; Lee, MW; Chan, A2010192
Quantitative comparison of T1~!r with T2 in intervertebral disc in vivo at 3TChan, Q; Kim, M; Anthony, M; Cheung, KMC; Chan, A; Chan, T; Khong, PL2010116
Magnetization transfer MRI measurements of cervical spinal cord abnormalities in patients with neuromyelitis opticaKim, M; Chan, A; Mak, H; Chan, Q; Chan, KH2010119
Foxp3 mRNA expression on DC subsets in patients of systemic lupus erythematosusJin, O; Kavikondala, S; Mok, MY; Gu, JR; Sun, LY; Fu, R; Chan, A; Yeung, J; Nie, Y; Lau, CS2010193
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