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Agarose Hydrogel Biomimetic Mineralization Model for the Regeneration of Enamel Prismlike TissueCao, Y; Mei, L; Li, QL; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH201418
An ex vivo study of arrested primary teeth caries with silver diamine fluoride therapyMei, L; Ito, L; Cao, Y; Lo, ECM; Li, QL; Chu, CH201412
The inhibitory effects of silver diamine fluorides on cysteine cathepsinsMei, L; Ito, L; Cao, Y; Li, Q; Chu, CH; Lo, ECM201412
Biomimetic mineralisation of phosphorylated dentine by CPP-ACPCao, Y; Mei, ML; Xu, J; Lo, ECM; Li, Q; Chu, CH201332
Students at the Front: Examples from a Beijing ClassroomCao, Y; Guo, K; Ding, L; Mok, IAC201338
A novel oligopeptide simulating dentine matrix protein 1 for biomimetic mineralization of dentineCao, Y; Liu, W; Ning, T; Mei, ML; Li, Q-L; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH201327
Developing a hydrogel micro-environment for biomimetic mineralization of enamelCao, Y; Li, Q; Chu, CH; Lo, ECM201342
Inhibitory effect of silver diamine fluoride on dentine demineralisation and collagen degradationMei, ML; Ito, L; Cao, Y; Li, QL; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH201333
A novel synthetic oligopeptide for biomimetic remineralization of dentineCao, Y; Liu, W; Li, Q; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH201228
Polydopamine-induced tooth remineralizationZhou, YZ; Cao, Y; Liu, W; Chu, CH; Li, QL2012111
Biomimic enamel remineralization by hybridization calcium-and phosphate-loaded liposomes with amelogenin-inspired peptide.Luo, J; Ning, T; Cao, Y; Zhu, X; Xu, X; Tang, X; Chu, CH; Li, Q2012117
A study of optical properties enhancement in low-bandgap polymer solar cells with embedded PEDOT:PSS gratingsZhu, X; Choy, WCH; Xie, F; Duan, C; Wang, C; He, W; Huang, F; Cao, Y2012124
When MT1-MMP meets ADAMsWong, HLX; Cao, R; Jin, G; Chan, KM; Cao, Y; Zhou, Z2012124
Optical and electrical effects of gold nanoparticles in the active layer of polymer solar cellsWang, CCD; Choy, WCH; Duan, C; Fung, DDS; Sha, WEI; Xie, FX; Huang, F; Cao, Y2012276
The human cadherin 11 is a pro-apoptotic tumor suppressor modulating cell stemness through Wnt/β-catenin signaling and silenced in common carcinomasLi, L; Ying, J; Li, H; Zhang, Y; Shu, X; Fan, Y; Tan, J; Cao, Y; Tsao, SW; Srivastava, G; Chan, ATC; Tao, Q2012128
MT1-MMP Inactivates ADAM9 to Regulate FGFR2 Signaling and Calvarial OsteogenesisChan, KM; Wong, HLX; Jin, G; Liu, B; Cao, R; Cao, Y; Lehti, K; Tryggvason, K; Zhou, Z2012145
Intrafibrillar apatite formation on phosphorylated dentine collagen by CPP-ACPCao, Y; Li, Q; Lo, ECM; Chu, CH201248
A randomised controlled trial for overweight and obese parents to prevent childhood obesity - Early STOPP (STockholm Obesity Prevention Program)Sobko, T; Svensson, V; Ek, A; Ekstedt, M; Karlsson, H; Johansson, E; Cao, Y; Hagströmer, M; Marcus, C201138
Obesity related eating behaviour patterns in Swedish preschool children and association with age, gender, relative weight and parental weight - factorial validation of the Children's Eating Behaviour QuestionnaireSvensson, V; Lundborg, L; Cao, Y; Nowicka, P; Marcus, C; Sobko, T201128
Dynamics between the trust transfer process and intention to use mobile payment services: A cross-environment perspectiveLu, Y; Yang, S; Chau, PYK; Cao, Y2011103
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