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Surveillance and Genome Analysis of Human Bocavirus in Patients with Respiratory Infection in Guangzhou, China.Xu, L; He, X; Zhang, DM; Feng, FS; Wang, Z; Guan, LL; Wu, JH; Zhou, R; Zheng, BJ; Yuen, KY; Li, MF; Cao, KY201246
A two-year surveillance of 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) in Guangzhou, China: from pandemic to seasonal influenza?Li, T; Fu, C; Di, B; Wu, J; Yang, Z; Wang, Y; Li, M; Lu, J; Chen, Y; Lu, E; Geng, J; Hu, W; Dong, Z; Li, MF; Zheng, BJ; Cao, KY; Wang, M2011158
A non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphism in IFNAR1 affects susceptibility to chronic hepatitis B virus infectionZhou, J; Smith, DK; Lu, L; Poon, VKM; Ng, F; Chen, DQ; Huang, JD; Yuen, KY; Cao, KY; Zheng, BJ2009163
High expression of PSM-E correlated with tumor grade in prostate cancer: A new alternatively spliced variant of prostate-specific membrane antigenCao, KY; Mao, XP; Wang, DH; Xu, L; Yuan, GQ; Dai, SQ; Zheng, BJ; Qiu, SP2007157
Detection of serum neopterin for early assessment of dengue virus infectionChan, CPY; Choi, JWY; Cao, KY; Wang, M; Gao, Y; Zhou, DH; Di, B; Xu, HF; Leung, MF; Bergmann, A; Lehmann, M; Nie, YM; Cautherley, GWH; Fuchs, D; Renneberg, R; Zheng, BJ2006121
Complementary activation of peripheral natural killer cell immunity in nasopharyngeal carcinomaZheng, Y; Cao, KY; Ng, SP; Chua, DTT; Sham, JST; Kwong, DLW; Ng, MH; Lu, L; Zheng, BJ2006128
Serum neopterin for early assessment of severity of severe acute respiratory syndromeZheng, B; Cao, KY; Chan, CPY; Choi, JWY; Leung, W; Leung, M; Duan, ZH; Gao, Y; Wang, M; Di, B; Hollidt, JM; Bergmann, A; Lehmann, M; Renneberg, I; Tam, JSL; Chan, PKS; Cautherley, GWH; Fuchs, D; Renneberg, R2005133
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