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Expression and protein-binding studies of the EEN gene family, new interacting partners for dynamin, synaptojanin and huntingtin proteinsSo, CW; Sham, MH; Chew, SL; Cheung, N; So, CKC; Chung, SK; Caldas, C; Wiedemann, LM; Chan, LC2000121
Exon scrambling of MLL transcripts occur commonly and mimic partial genomic duplication of the geneCaldas, C; So, CW; Macgregor, A; Ford, AM; Mcdonald, B; Chan, LC; Wiedemann, LM199895
Identification of EEN, a novel gene that fuses to HRX in a t (1 1; 1 9) (q23;p 1 3) in acute leukemiaSo, CW; Caldas, C; Chen, A; Chen, SJ; Huang, QH; Gu, LJ; Sham, MH; Wiedemann, L; Chan, LC199778
EEN encodes for a member of a new family of proteins containing an Src homology 3 domain and is the third gene located on chromosome 19p13 that fuses to MLL in human leukemiaSo, CW; Caldas, C; Liu, MM; Chen, SJ; Huang, QH; Gu, LJ; Sham, MH; Wiedemann, LM; Chan, LC1997236
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