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Why do we report suicides and how can we facilitate suicide prevention efforts?Cheng, Q; Fu, KW; Caine, ED; Yip, PSF201418
Suicide rates among working-age adults in South Korea before and after the 2008 economic crisisChan, CH; Caine, ED; You, S; Fu, KW; Chang, S; Yip, PSF201424
Employment status and suicide: The complex relationships between changing unemployment rates and death ratesYip, PSF; Caine, ED201156
The contribution of charcoal burning to the rise and decline of suicides in Hong Kong from 1997-2007Law, CK; Yip, PSF; Caine, ED2011145
Mortality in people with schizophrenia in rural China: 10-year cohort studyRan, MS; Chen, EYH; Conwell, Y; Chan, CLW; Yip, PSF; Xiang, MZ; Caine, ED2007146
Homelessness among patients with schizophrenia in rural China: A 10-year cohort studyRan, MS; Chan, CLW; Chen, EYH; Xiang, MZ; Caine, ED; Conwell, Y2006179
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