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A decompositional analysis of the relative contribution of age, sex and methods of suicide to the changing patterns of suicide in Taipei City, 2004-2006Yip, PSF; Caine, E; Kwok, RC; Chen, YY201260
Means restriction for suicide preventionYip, PSF; Caine, E; Yousuf, S; Chang, SS; Wu, KCC; Chen, YY2012147
Charcoal burning suicides in Hong Kong and urban Taiwan: An illustration of the impact of a novel suicide method on overall regional ratesLiu, KY; Beautrais, A; Caine, E; Chan, K; Chao, A; Conwell, Y; Law, C; Lee, D; Li, P; Yip, P2007545
Prevalence of depression and its correlates in Hong Kong's Chinese older adultsChi, I; Yip, PSF; Chiu, HFK; Chou, KL; Chan, KS; Kwan, CW; Conwell, Y; Caine, E2005167
The characteristics of homeless individuals with schizophrenia in rural ChinaRan, MS; Chen, EY; Chan, CL; Yip, PS; Conwell, Y; Caine, E2005160
Elderly suicide in Hong Kong - A case-controlled psychological autopsy studyChiu, HFK; Yip, PSF; Chi, I; Chan, S; Tsoh, J; Kwan, CW; Li, SF; Conwell, Y; Caine, E2004238
A prevalence study of suicide ideation among older adults in Hong Kong SARYip, PSF; Chi, I; Chiu, H; Wai, KC; Conwell, Y; Caine, E2003151
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