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Combined treatment with cyclosporin A and rosiglitazone prevents chronic allograft rejection
Proceeding/Conference:The Basic Science Symposium of the Transplantation Society
Development of ontology-based business process model for project collaboration in AEC organizations
Proceeding/Conference:Proceedings of the Joint International Conference on Computing and Decision Making in Civil and Building Engineering (ICCCBEXI 2006)
The effect of PPAR-gamma agonist in HUVEC activation
Proceeding/Conference:The 30th Federation of Biochemical Societies (FEBS) Congress & 9th International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB) Conference
Exploring ontology-driven model for project information integration in the AEC industry
Proceeding/Conference:International Conference on 'Innovation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)
Fragment-wise design of inhibitors to 3C proteinase from enterovirus 71
Journal:Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects
Gender and Power Inside and Outside Kitchens: A Historical Analysis of the Origin of Shanghai 'Apron Husbands'
Proceeding/Conference:2015 Graduate Food Studies Conferenceļ¼The Future of Food Studies, Harvard University
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