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Effects of substrate loading and co-substrates on thermophilic anaerobic conversion of microcrystalline cellulose and microbial communities revealed using high-throughput sequencingXia, Y; Cai, L; Zhang, T; Fang, HHP2012152
A recombinant vaccine of H5N1 HA1 fused with foldon and human IgG Fc induced complete cross-clade protection against divergent H5N1 virusesDu, L; Leung, VHC; Zhang, X; Zhou, J; Chen, M; He, W; Zhang, HY; Chan, CCS; Poon, VKM; Zhao, G; Sun, S; Cai, L; Zhou, Y; Zheng, BJ; Jiang, S2011675
Wavelength-routed networks with lightpath data interchangesLi, CY; Cai, L; Wai, PKA; Li, VOK; Xu, A2010243
The severity of pandemic H1N1 influenza in the United States, from April to July 2009: A Bayesian analysisPresanis, AM; De Angelis, D; Hagy, A; Reed, C; Riley, S; Cooper, BS; Finelli, L; Biedrzycki, P; Lipsitch, M; Ackelsberg, J; Adamski, A; Adman, G; AgborTabi, E; Aston, C; Atamian, J; Backman, P; Balter, S; Barbot, O; Beatrice, ST; Beaudry, G; Begier, E; Bell, G; Berg, D; Berger, M; Betz, J; Blank, S; Bornschlegel, K; Bregman, B; Burke, M; Butts, B; Cai, L; Cajigal, A; Campbell, M; Camurati, L; Chamany, S; Cimini, D; Cone, J; Cook, H; Cook, D; Corey, C; Costarella, R; Coyle, C; Crouch, B; Da Costa, CA; Daniels, A; Darkins, B; DeGrasse, A; DeGrechie, S; Del Cid, O; Deocharan, B; Diaz, L; DiCaprio, K; DiGrande, L; Duquaine, D; Durrah, J; Eavey, J; Edghill, Z; Edwin, B; Egger, J; Eisenhower, D; Evans, M; Farley, S; Feliciano, R; Fernandez, M; FilsAime, C; Fine, A; Fireteanu, AM; Fitzgerald, K; France, AM; Frieden, T; Friedman, S; Fu, J; Fung, L; Girdharrie, L; Glaser, M; Goranson, C; Griffing, F; Gupta, L; Hamilton, C; Hanson, H; Harper, S; HartmanO'Connell, I; Hasnain, Q; Hedge, S; Heller, M; Hendrickson, D; Herskovitz, A; Hinterland, K; Holmes, R; Hom, J; Hon, J; Hopke, T; Hsieh, J; Hughes, S; Immerwahr, S; Incalicchio, AM; Jasek, J; Jimenez, J; Johns, M; Jones, L; Jordan, H; Kambili, C; Kang, J; Kapell, D; Karpati, A; Kerker, B; Konty, K; Kornblum, J; Krigsman, G; Laraque, F; Layton, M; Lee, E; Lee, L; Lee, S; Lim, S; Marx, M; McGibbon, E; Mahoney, K; Marin, G; Matte, T; McAnanama, R; McKay, R; McKay, C; McVeigh, K; Medina, E; Medina, W; Michelangelo, D; Milhofer, J; Milyavskaya, I; Misener, M; Mizrahi, J; Moskin, L; Motherwell, M; Myers, C; Nair, HP; Nguyen, T; Nilsen, D; Nival, J; Norton, J; Oleszko, W; Olson, C; Paladini, M; Palumbo, L; Papadopoulos, P; Parton, H; Paternostro, J; Paynter, L; Perkins, K; Perlman, S; Persaud, H; Peters, C; Pfeiffer, M; Platt, R; Pool, L; Punsalang, A; Rasul, Z; Rawlins, V; Reddy, V; Rinchiuso, A; Rodriguez, T; Rosal, R; Ryan, M; Sanderson, M; Scaccia, A; Seligson, AL; Seupersad, J; SevereDildy, J; Siddiqi, A; Siemetzki, U; Singh, T; Slavinski, S; Slopen, M; Snuggs, T; Starr, D; Stayton, C; Stoute, A; Terlonge, J; Ternier, A; Thorpe, L; Travers, C; Tsoi, B; Turner, K; Tzou, J; Vines, S; Waddell, EN; Walker, D; Warner, C; Weisfuse, I; Weiss, D; WilliamsAkita, A; Wilson, E; Wilson, E; Wong, M; Wu, C; Yang, D; Younis, M; Yusuff, S; Zimmerman, C; Zucker, J20091,111
Phylogenetics and evolution of nematode-trapping fungi (Orbiliales) estimated from nuclear and protein coding genesLi, Y; Hyde, KD; Jeewon, R; Cai, L; Vijaykrishna , D; Zhang, K2005586
Profile modification agent with abio-gel coating for high-temperature and high-salinity reservoirTang, XF; Liu, YZ; Chang, ZL; Qin, H; Liu, GH; Cai, L; Lu, W200447
Algorithm for improving the restorability of power supply in distribution systemsDeng, Y; Cai, L; Ni, Y2003305
Dyrithiopsis lakefuxianensis gen et sp. nov. from Fuxian Lake, Yunnan, China and notes on the taxonomic confusion surrounding DyrithiumJeewon, R; Cai, L; Liew, ECY; Zhang, K; Hyde, KD2003273
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