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A 10-year retrospective analysis of marginal bone-level changes around implants in periodontally healthy and periodontally compromised tobacco smokersAglietta, M; Siciliano, VI; Rasperini, G; Cafiero, C; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE2011130
Dimensional ridge alterations following immediate implant placement in molar extraction sites: A six-month prospective cohort study with surgical re-entryMatarasso, S; Salvi, GE; Iorio Siciliano, V; Cafiero, C; Blasi, A; Lang, NP2009119
Soft tissues healing at immediate transmucosal implants placed into molar extraction sites with buccal self-contained dehiscences. A 12-month controlled clinical trialSiciliano, VI; Salvi, GE; Matarasso, S; Cafiero, C; Blasi, A; Lang, NP2009124
Immediate transmucosal implant placement in molar extraction sites: A 12-month prospective multicenter cohort studyCafiero, C; Annibali, S; Gherlone, E; Grassi, FR; Gualini, F; Magliano, A; Romeo, E; Tonelli, P; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE2008165
Maintenance of implants: An in vitro study of titanium implant surface modifications subsequent to the application of different prophylaxis proceduresMatarasso, S; Quaremba, G; Coraggio, F; Vaia, E; Cafiero, C; Lang, NP199692
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