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Common Variants on Xq28 Conferring Risk of Schizophrenia in Han ChineseWong, HME; SO, HC; Li, M; Wang, Q; Butler, WL; BASIL, P; WU, HM; Hui, TCK; CHOI, SC; So, MT; Garcia-Barcelo, MM; McAlonan, GM; Chen, EYH; Cheung, EFC; Chan, RCK; Purcell, SM; Cherny, SS; Chen, RYL; Li, T; Sham, PC201348
Genome-wide association analysis accounting for environmental factors through propensity-score matching: application to stressful live events in major depressive disorder.Power, RA; Cohen-woods, S; Ng, MY; Butler, WL; et al.,201318
Estimating the heritability of reporting stressful life events captured by common genetic variants.Power, RA; Wingenbach, T; Cohen-Woods, S; Uher, R; Ng, MY; Butler, WL; et al.,201328
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