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Transcriptional profiling of osseointegration in humansIvanovski, S; Hamlet, S; Salvi, GE; HuynhBa, G; Bosshardt, DD; Lang, NP; Donos, N2011924
Early osseointegration to hydrophilic and hydrophobic implant surfaces in humansLang, NP; Salvi, GE; HuynhBa, G; Ivanovski, S; Donos, N; Bosshardt, DD2011955
Do mucositis lesions around implants differ from gingivitis lesions around teeth?Lang, NP; Bosshardt, DD; Lulic, M2011127
The role of bone debris in early healing adjacent to hydrophilic and hydrophobic implant surfaces in manBosshardt, DD; Salvi, GE; HuynhBa, G; Ivanovski, S; Donos, N; Lang, NP20111,005
Gene expression profile of osseointegration of a hydrophilic compared with a hydrophobic microrough implant surfaceDonos, N; Hamlet, S; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE; HuynhBa, G; Bosshardt, DD; Ivanovski, S2011646
Immunohistochemical localization of RANK, RANKL and OPG in healthy and arthritic canine elbow jointsSpahni, AI; Schawalder, P; Rothen, B; Bosshardt, DD; Lang, N; Stoffel, MH200990
Effects of decontamination and implant surface characteristics on re-osseointegration following treatment of peri-implantitisParlar, A; Bosshardt, DD; Etiner, D; Schafroth, D; Ünsal, B; Hayta, C; Lang, NP2009132
Resonance frequency analysis in relation to jawbone characteristics and during early healing of implant installationHuwiler, MA; Pjetursson, BE; Bosshardt, DD; Salvi, GE; Lang, NP200790
Effect of Bio-Oss® on osseointegration of dental implants surrounded by circumferential bone defects of different dimensions: An experimental study in the dogPolyzois, I; Renvert, S; Bosshardt, DD; Lang, NP; Claffey, N2007100
Quality and quantity of bone following alveolar distraction osteogenesis in the human mandibleChiapasco, M; Lang, NP; Bosshardt, DD200672
Pattern of mineralization after regenerative periodontal therapy with enamel matrix proteinsBosshardt, DD; Sculean, A; Donos, N; Lang, NP200685
New formation of periodontal tissues around titanium implants in a novel dentin chamber modelParlar, A; Ünsal, B; Çetiner, D; Bosshardt, DD; Lang, NP; Haytaç, C200587
Effects of enamel matrix proteins on tissue formation along the roots of human teethBosshardt, DD; Sculean, A; Windisch, P; Pjetursson, BE; Lang, NP200564
The junctional epithelium: From health to diseaseBosshardt, DD; Lang, NP2005156
Sequence of protein expression of bone sialoprotein and osteopontin at the developing interface between repair cementum and dentin in human deciduous teethBosshardt, DD; Degen, T; Lang, NP2005108
Does excessive occlusal load affect osseointegration? An experimental study in the dogHeitzMayfield, LJ; Schmid, B; Weigel, C; Gerber, S; Bosshardt, DD; Jönsson, J; Lang, NP200490
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