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Lipocalin-2 acts as a stromal factor to promote mammary carcinogenesis by activating phospholipase A2 in breast cancer cellsFan, P; Berger, T; Xu, A; Mak, TW; Wang, Y201258
Improved functional recovery to I/R injury in hearts from lipocalin-2 deficiency mice: restoration of mitochondrial function and phospholipids remodelingYang, B; Fan, P; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Tse, HF; Yue, JWS; Song, E; Vanhoutte, PM; Sweeney, G; Wang, Y2012154
Lipocalin-2 deficiency prevents endothelial dysfunction associated with dietary obesity: Role of cytochrome P450 2C inhibitionLiu, JTC; Song, E; Xu, A; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Tse, HF; Law, IKM; Huang, B; Liang, Y; Vanhoutte, PM; Wang, Y2012242
Lipocalin-2 deficiency attenuates insulin resistance associated with aging and obesityLaw, IKM; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Vanhoutte, PM; Liu, JTC; Sweeney, G; Zhou, M; Yang, B; Wang, Y2010417
Lipocalin 2-deficiency attenuates insulin resistance induced by high fat diet and aging through regulation of lipid metabolism and inflammation in adipose tissueLaw, KM; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Liu, TC; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Zhang, MXM; Wang, Y200993
Mice Lacking Lipocalin-2 are Protected from Developing Insulin Resistance Associated with Aging and ObesityLaw, KM; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Liu, TC; Sweeney, G; Zhou, M; Wang, Y200985
Mice lacking lipicalin-2 show increased insulin sensitivity and are resistant to high fat diet- and genetic obesity-induced insulin resistance and diabetesLaw, KM; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Liu, TC; Berger, T; Mak, T.W.; Zhang, M.X.M.; Wang, Y200895
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