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Advancing science and policy through a coordinated international study of physical activity and built environments: IPEN methodsKerr, J; Sallis, JF; Owen, N; De Bourdeaudhuij, I; Cerin, E; Sugiyama, T; Reis, R; Sarmiento, O; Fromel, K; Mitas, J; Troelsen, J; Christiansen, LB; Macfarlane, DJ; Salvo, D; Schofield, G; Badland, H; Guillen-grima, F; Aguinaga-Ontoso, I; Davey, R; Bauman, A201340
Can a motivational walking intervention overcome an unsupportive environment for walking - Findings from the Step-by-Step studyMerom, D; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P; Cerin, E; Brown, W; Smith, B; Rissel, C201164
Bicycle use for transport in an Australian and a Belgian city: Associations with built-environment attributesOwen, N; De Bourdeaudhuij, I; Sugiyama, T; Leslie, E; Cerin, E; Dyck, DV; Bauman, A2010200
Can a motivational intervention overcome an unsupportive environment for walking-findings from the step-by-step studyMerom, D; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P; Cerin, E; Kassis, M; Brown, W; Smith, BJ; Rissel, C200960
The international prevalence study on physical activity: Results from 20 countriesBauman, A; Bull, F; Chey, T; Craig, CL; Ainsworth, BE; Sallis, JF; Bowles, HR; Hagstromer, M; Sjostrom, M; Pratt, M; Díaz, CG; Bazan, N; Kunic, H; Bauman, A; Merom, D; Smith, B; De Bourdeaudhuij, I; Lefevre, J; Philippaerts, R; Matsudo, SM; Matsudo, VR; Craig, CL; Cameron, C; Yang, Li; Hua, Fu; Gómez, LF; Fromel, K; Mitas, J; Macfarlane, D; BaconShone, J; Reddy, SK; Joshi, P; Goenka, S; Prabhakaran, D; Katsumura, T; Murase, N; Volbekiene, V; Baubliene, R; McLean, G; Carr, H; Tomten, H; Anderssen, SA; Sardinha, L; Mota, J; AlHazzaa, HM; Serra Majem, L; Roman, B; Sjöström, M; Hagströmer, M; Bergman, P; Yiing, ML; YungTai, H; Ainsworth, BE; Hipp, D2009263
Neighborhood Environments and Physical Activity Among Adults in 11 CountriesSallis, JF; Bowles, HR; Bauman, A; Ainsworth, BE; Bull, FC; Craig, CL; Sjöström, M; De Bourdeaudhuij, I; Lefevre, J; Matsudo, V; Matsudo, S; Macfarlane, DJ; Gomez, LF; Inoue, S; Murase, N; Volbekiene, V; Mclean, G; Carr, H; Heggebo, LK; Tomten, H; Bergman, P2009102
An Australian version of the neighborhood environment walkability scale: Validity evidenceCerin, E; Leslie, E; Owen, N; Bauman, A200869
Introduction to the aims, methods and main outcomes of the PLACE studyLeslie, E; Owen, N; Cerin, E; Bauman, A2007109
Levels of physical activity for colon cancer prevention compared with generic public health recommendations: Population prevalence and sociodemographic correlatesCerin, E; Leslie, E; Bauman, A; Owen, N200558
Gender, age and educational-attainment differences in Australian adults’ participation in vigorous sporting and fitness activitiesLeslie, E; Cerin, E; Gore, CJ; George, A; Bauman, A; Owen, N200429
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