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Genome-wide survey of recurrent HBV integration in hepatocellular carcinomaSung, WK; Zheng, H; Li, S; Chen, R; Liu, X; Li, Y; Lee, NP; Lee, WH; Ariyaratne, PN; Tennakoon, C; Mulawadi, FH; Wong, KF; Liu, AM; Poon, RT; Fan, ST; Chan, KL; Gong, Z; Hu, Y; Lin, Z; Wang, G; Zhang, Q; Barber, TD; Chou, WC; Aggarwal, A; Hao, K; Zhou, W; Zhang, C; Hardwick, J; Buser, C; Xu, J; Kan, Z; Dai, H; Mao, M; Reinhard, C; Wang, J; Luk, JM2012207
Chromatid cohesion defects may underlie chromosome instability in human colorectal cancersBarber, TD; McManus, K; Yuen, KWY; Reis, M; Parmigiani, G; Shen, D; Barrett, I; Nouhi, Y; Spencer, F; Markowitz, S; Velculescu, VE; Kinzler, KW; Vogelstein, B; Lengauer, C; Hieter, P2008181
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