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Loss-of-SIRT1 function during vascular ageing: hyperphosphorylation mediated by cyclin-dependent kinase 5.Bai, B; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Wang, Y201327
Methods to investigate the role of SIRT1 in endothelial senescenceBai, B; Wang, Y201331
Selective overexpression of human SIRT1 in adipose tissue enhances energy homeostasis and prevents the deterioration of insulin sensitivity with ageing in miceXu, C; Bai, B; Fan, P; Cai, Y; Huang, B; Law, KM; Liu, L; Xu, A; Tung, CL; Li, XC; Siu, AFM; Che, CM; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Wang, Y201393
CDK5-mediated hyperphosphorylation of SIRT1 contributes to the development of endothelial senescence and atherosclerosisBai, B; Liang, Y; Xu, C; Xu, A; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Wang, Y201295
Clinical significance of creative 3D-image fusion across multimodalities [PET + CT + MR] based on characteristic coregistrationPeng, MJQ; Ju, X; Khambay, BS; Ayoub, AF; Chen, CT; Bai, B2012103
Cyclin-dependent kinase 5-mediated hyperphosphorylation of sirtuin-1 contributes to the development of endothelial senescence and atherosclerosisBai, B; Liang, Y; Xu, C; Lee, MYK; Xu, A; Wu, D; Vanhoutte, PM; Wang, Y2012177
A highly conserved tryptophan in the N-terminal variable domain regulates disulfide bond formation and oligomeric assembly of adiponectinRadjainia, M; Huang, B; Bai, B; Schmitz, M; Yang, SH; Harris, PWR; Griffin, MDW; Brimble, MA; Wang, Y; Mitra, AK2012103
LKB1/AMPK signaling in vascular homestasis: friend or foeLiang, Y; Bai, B; Li, J; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Wang, Y201247
CDK5-mediated phosphorylation of SIRT1 at serine 47 contributes to the development of endothelial senescenceBai, B; Vanhoutte, PM; Wang, Y201259
Does eNOS play a major role in SIRT1-mediated vasodilatation?Li, J; Xu, C; Bai, B; Man, RYK; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Wang, Y201254
Three-dimensional image fusion across PET+ MRI modalities based on the approach of characteristic coregistrationPeng, MJQ; Yin, WQ; Ju, X; Ayoub, AF; Khambay, BS; Chen, CT; Deng, FG; Han, P; Bai, B2012375
Differential genomic changes caused by cholesterol-and PUFA-rich diets in regenerated porcine coronary endothelial cellsLee, MYK; Cai, Y; Wang, Y; Liao, SY; Liu, Y; Zhang, Y; Bai, B; Tse, HF; Vanhoutte, PM2012113
CDK5 mediates SIRT1 phosphorylation at serine 47 during endothelial senescenceBai, B; Liang, Y; Xu, C; Xu, A; Kee, M; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Wang, Y201191
The use of lorcaserin in the management of obesity: A critical appraisalBai, B; Wang, Y2011183
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