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Robotic endovascular surgery (Invited Review)Au, S; Ko, K; Tsang, J; Chan, YC201423
Plasma microRNA as a potential marker for breast cancer detectionNg, EKO; Leung, C; Au, S; Chan, A; Wong, C; Ma, E; Pang, RWC; Chua, D; Chu, KM; Law, WL; Poon, RTP; Kwong, A2010280
Structure-function Study of Maize Ribosome-inactivating Protein: Implications for the Internal inactivation Region and the Sole Glutamate in the Active SiteMak, A; Wong, YT; Am, YJ; Cha, SS; Sze, KH; Au, S; Wong, KB; Shaw, PC2007167
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