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Do COMT, BDNF and NRG1 polymorphisms influence P50 sensory gating in psychosis?Shaikh, M; Hall, MH; Schulze, K; Dutt, A; Walshe, M; Williams, I; Constante, M; Picchioni, M; Toulopoulou, T; Collier, D; Rijsdijk, F; Powell, J; Arranz, M; Murray, RM; Bramon, E2011157
Case-control, haplotype relative risk and transmission disequilibrium analysis of a dopamine D2 receptor functional promoter polymorphism in schizophreniaLi, T; Arranz, M; Aitchison, KJ; Bryant, C; Liu, X; Kerwin, RW; Murray, R; Sham, P; Collier, DA199893
Association between clozapine response and allelic variation in 5-HT(2A) receptor geneArranz, M; Collier, D; Sodhi, M; Ball, D; Roberts, G; Price, J; Sham, P; Kerwin, R199556
Schizophrenia and the androgen receptor gene: Report of a sibship showing co-segregation with Reifenstein syndrome but no evidence for linkage in 23 multiply affected familiesArranz, M; Sharma, T; Sham, P; Kerwin, R; Nanko, S; Owen, M; Gill, M; Collier, D199549
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