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Linkage to Chromosome 1p36 for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Traits in School and Home Settings
Biological Psychiatry
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Zhou, K; Asherson, P; Sham, P; Franke, B; Anney, RJL; Buitelaar, J; Ebstein, R; Gill, M; Brookes, K; Buschgens, C; Campbell, D; Chen, W; Christiansen, H; Fliers, E; Gabriëls, I; Johansson, L; Marco, R; Mulas, F; Müller, U; Mulligan, A; Neale, BM; Rijsdijk, F; Rommelse, N; Uebel, H; Psychogiou, L; Xu, X; Banaschewski, T; SonugaBarke, E; Eisenberg, J; Manor, I; Miranda, A; Oades, RD; Roeyers, H; Rothenberger, A; Sergeant, J; Steinhausen, HC; Taylor, E; Thompson, M; Faraone, SV2008394
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