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Unraveling the mechanism of the photodeprotection reaction of 8-bromo- and 8-chloro-7-hydroxyquinoline caged acetatesMa, J; Rea, AC; An, H; Ma, C; Guan, X; Li, MD; Su, T; Yeung, CS; Harris, KT; Zhu, Y; Nganga, JL; Fedoryak, OD; Dore, TM; Phillips, DL2012131
Comparison of the absorption, emission, and resonance Raman spectra of 7-hydroxyquinoline and 8-bromo-7-hydroxyquinoline caged acetateMa, J; Cheng, SC; An, H; Li, MD; Ma, C; Rea, AC; Zhu, Y; Nganga, JL; Dore, TM; Phillips, DL201195
Ermakov-Ray-Reid systems in nonlinear opticsRogers, C; Malomed, B; Chow, K; An, H201090
Resonance raman characterization of the forms of ground-state 8-substituted 7-hydroxyquinoline caged acetate compounds in aqueous solutionsLi, W; An, H; Ma, C; Harris, KT; Dore, TM; Phillips, DL2010155
Local anesthetic at the iliac crest donor-site for postoperative pain management in spine surgery patientsSamartzis, D; Shen, FH; Khanna, N; Fairbank, J; An, H200964
Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Study of Deprotection in 8-Bromo-7-Hydroxyquinoline Caged AcetateAn, H; Xue, J; Kwok, WM; Ma, C; Du, Y; Phillips, DL; Zhu, Y; Dore, TM2008231
Time-Resolved Studies of Phototrigger CompoundsMa, C; Kwok, WM; Du, Y; Chan, WS; Zuo, P; An, H; Phillips, DL2007189
Time-Resolved Spectroscopic Investigation of the Reactions and Mechanisms of Phototrigger CompoundsPhillips, DL; Ma, C; Kwok, WM; Du, Y; Chan, WS; Zuo, P; An, H2007157
Modelling subset multivariate ARCH model via the AIC principleAn, H; Fong, PW; Li, WK2002147
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