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Oral health-related quality of life of stroke survivors on discharge from hospital after rehabilitationMcmillan, AS; Leung, KCM; Pow, EHN; Wong, MCM; Li, LSW; Allen, PF200598
Health-related quality of life after strokeMcMillan, AS; Leung, KCM; Pow, EHN; Wong, MCM; Allen, PF; Li, LSW2004234
A longitudinal study of quality of life outcomes in older adults requesting impalnt prostheses and complete removable dentures.Allen, PF; McMillan, AS200373
A review of the functional and psychosocial outcomes of edentulousness treated with complete replacement dentures.Allen, PF; McMillan, AS200385
The impact of oral disease among the institutionalized and non-institutionalized elderly in Hong KongMcMillan, AS; Wong, MCM; Lo, ECM; Allen, PF2003128
An assessment of responsiveness of the Oral Health Impact Profile in a clinical trial.Allen, PF; Mcmillan, AS; Locker, D200185
A patient-based assessment of implant-stabilized and conventional complete denturesAllen, PF; McMillan, AS; Walshaw, D2001106
Peri-implant tissue maintenance in patients with craniofacial implant-retained prosthesesAllen, PF; Watson, G; Stassen, L; McMillan, AS200071
Impact of oral disease among the elderly in Hong KongMcMillan, AS; Lo, ECM; Wong, MCM; Allen, PF2000172
The impact of tooth loss in an edentulous population: An assessment using the Oral Health Impact ProfileAllen, PF; McMillan, AS199969
The influence of pre-operative expectation on outcome in implant therapy.Allen, PF; McMillan, AS; Walshaw, D199959
Patient expectations of oral implant-retained prostheses in a dental hospital in the United KingdomAllen, PF; McMillan, AS; Walshaw, D199970
A comparison of the validity of generic- and disease-specific measures in the assessment of oral health-related quality of lifeAllen, PF; McMillan, AS; Walshaw, D; Locker, D199998
A comparison of long and short versions of the oral health impact profile in an edentulous populationAllen, PF; McMillan, AS1999176
Facial prostheses retained by implants: Hygiene proceduresWatson, G; Allen, PF; McMillan, AS199898
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