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Mesenchymal stromal cells rescue disc degeneration and function via suppression of fibrotic events
Day of Molecular Medicine, DMM 2011
Leung, VYL; Aladin, KDM; Lv, F; Tam, V; Sun, Y; Tang, B; Ngan, AHW; Lim, CT; Wu, EX; Luk, KDK; Chan, D; Lu, WW; Cheung, KMC2011161
Impact of Trp2 allele mutation of alpha-2 chain in collagen IX on the structural integrity of human annulus fibrosus
European Cells and Materials Symposium: Spinal Motion Segment: From Basic Science to Clinical Application, 4th to 7th July, 2005. Davos, Switzerland
Aladin, KDM; Lu, WW; Cheung, KMC; Yeung, KWK; Chan, D2005113
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