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Macrospin and micromagnetic studies of tilted polarizer spin-torque nano-oscillatorsZhou, Y; Zhang, H; Liu, Y; Åkerman, J2012110
Multiple synchronization attractors of serially connected spin-torque nanooscillatorsLi, D; Zhou, Y; Hu, B; Åkerman, J; Zhou, C2012145
Spin torque oscillators and RF currents Modulation, locking, and ringingMuduli, PK; Pogoryelov, Y; Zhou, Y; Mancoff, F; Åkerman, J2011122
Oscillatory transient regime in the forced dynamics of a nonlinear auto oscillatorZhou, Y; Tiberkevich, V; Consolo, G; Iacocca, E; Azzerboni, B; Slavin, A; Åkerman, J201092
Pseudo-spin-valve with L 10 (111)-oriented FePt fixed layerZha, CL; Bonetti, S; Persson, J; Zhou, Y; Åkerman, J200992
Microwave generation of tilted-polarizer spin torque oscillatorZhou, Y; Zha, CL; Bonetti, S; Persson, J; Åkerman, J200974
Perpendicular spin torque promotes synchronization of magnetic tunnel junction based spin torque oscillatorsZhou, Y; Åkerman, J200989
Zero-field precession and hysteretic threshold currents in a spin torque nano device with tilted polarizerZhou, Y; Bonetti, S; Zha, CL; Åkerman, J200985
Capacitance effect on microwave power spectra of spin-torque oscillator with thermal noiseZhou, Y; Shin, FG; Guan, B; Åkerman, J200967
Capacitance enhanced synchronization of pairs of spin-transfer oscillatorsZhou, Y; Bonetti, S; Persson, J; Åkerman, J200961
Tunable intrinsic phase of a spin torque oscillatorZhou, Y; Persson, J; Bonetti, S; Åkerman, J2008106
Temperature and angular dependences of dynamic spin-polarized resonant tunneling in CoFeBMgONiFe junctionsMiller, CW; Schuller, IK; Dave, RW; Slaughter, JM; Zhou, Y; Åkerman, J200881
Spin-torque oscillator with tilted fixed layer magnetizationZhou, Y; Zha, CL; Bonetti, S; Persson, J; Åkerman, J200883
Tunable intrinsic phase shift between a spin torque nano-oscillator and an AC currentZhou, Y; Persson, J; Åkerman, J200772
Intrinsic phase shift between a spin torque oscillator and an alternating currentZhou, Y; Persson, J; Åkerman, J200775
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