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Load-balanced three-stage switchHu, B; Yeung, KL; Zhang, Z2012128
Diffusion Abnormalities in Temporal Lobes of Children with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: A Preliminary Diffusional Kurtosis Imaging Study with Comparison with Diffusion Tensor ImagingGao, Y; Zhang, Y; Wong, CS; Wu, PM; Zhang, Z; Gao, J; Qiu, D201234
Responses of seed yield and quality to nitrogen application levels in two oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) varieties differing in nitrogen efficiencyZhang, Z; Song, H; Liu, Q; Rong, X; Peng, J; Xie, G; Zhang, Y; Chen, L; Guan, C; Gu, J2012116
Age-related diffusion patterns in human lumbar intervertebral discs: A pilot study in asymptomatic subjectsZhang, Z; Chan, Q; Anthony, MP; Samartzis, D; Cheung, KMC; Khong, PL; Kim, M2012206
Characterization of age-related changes in human brain using diffusion kurtosis imagingWu, EX; Qian, W; Zhang, Z; Khong, PL; Kim, M201250
Correlation between volume of herniated orbital contents and the amount of enophthalmos in orbital floor and wall fracturesZhang, Z; Zhang, Y; He, Y; An, J; Zwahlen, RA2012134
Unexpected Neuronal Protection of SU5416 against 1-Methyl-4-Phenylpyridinium Ion-Induced Toxicity via Inhibiting Neuronal Nitric Oxide SynthaseCui, W; Zhang, Z; Li, W; Mak, S; Hu, S; Zhang, H; Yuan, S; Rong, J; Choi, TC; Lee, SMY; Han, Y2012100
Specific recognition of phosphorylated tail of H2AX by the tandem BRCT domains of MCPH1 revealed by complex structureShao, Z; Li, F; Sy, SMH; Yan, W; Zhang, Z; Gong, D; Wen, B; Huen, MSY; Gong, Q; Wu, J; Shi, Y2012178
Fault localization based only on failed runsZhang, Z; Chan, WK; Tse, TH2012203
The effects of online peer assessment on assessors and assesses: A path analysisLu, J; Zhang, Z201299
Understanding the effectiveness of online peer assessment: A path modelLu, J; Zhang, Z201260
Prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder among adolescents after the Wenchuan earthquake in ChinaZhang, Z; Ran, MS; Li, YH; Ou, GJ; Gong, RR; Li, RH; Fan, M; Jiang, Z; Fang, DZ201238
Pulsatile arterial spin labeling in differentiating Alzheimer's disease and cognitively normal elderly adults in a Chinese cohortMak, HKF; Chan, Q; Zhang, Z; Qiu, D; Zhang, L; Chu, LW201258
Novel design of double-stator single-rotor magnetic-geared machinesLiu, C; Chau, KT; Zhang, Z201219
Power compensation and power quality improvement based on multiple-channel current source converter fed HT SMESWang, Z; Chau, KT; Yuwen, B; Zhang, Z; Li, F2012107
Analysis of chaos in Josephson junctions with external magnetic field for high-precision voltage measurement in Electric VehiclesZhang, Z; Chau, KT; Wang, Z; Li, F; Li, J201280
Passivity enforcement for descriptor systems via matrix pencil perturbationWang, Y; Zhang, Z; Koh, CK; Shi, G; Pang, GKH; Wong, N2012121
A comparison of indoor environmental satisfaction between two green buildings and a conventional building in ChinaGou, Z; Lau, SSY; Zhang, Z2012105
How well does test case prioritization integrate with statistical fault localization?Jiang, B; Zhang, Z; Chan, WK; Tse, TH; Chen, TY2012112
Comparison of chaotic PWM algorithms for electric vehicle motor drivesZhang, Z; Ching, TW; Liu, C; Lee, CHT201232
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