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On the Markov-modulated insurance risk model with taxWei, J; Yang, H; Wang, R2010269
Electronic structure and unusual exchange splitting in the Spin-density-wave state of the BaFe2As2 parent compound of iron-based superconductorsYang, LX; Zhang, Y; Ou, HW; Zhao, JF; Shen, DW; Zhou, B; Wei, J; Chen, F; Xu, M; He, C; Chen, Y; Wang, ZD; Wang, XF; Wu, T; Wu, G; Chen, XH; Arita, M; Shimada, K; Taniguchi, M; Lu, ZY; Xiang, T; Feng, DL2009227
Infrared radiation spectrum of acupuncture point on patients with coronary heart diseaseShen, X; Ding, G; Deng, H; Wei, J; Zhao, L; Zhou, Y; Lao, L200826
Interative Bac-Projection Reconstruction for Radial SENSEQu, P; Wu, B; Wang, C; Yuan, J; Wei, J; Pang, Y; Shen, GG2007116
Minimize the Power of Variable-Rate Gradient PulsePang, Y; Liu, Z.G.; Wei, J; Shen, GG200767
Digital Wireless Transmission for MRI SignalWei, J; Liu, ZG; Yuan, J; Pang, Y; Shen, GG200793
A 4-Channel Optical Link Transmission for RF coil array at 1.5TYuan, J; Wei, J; Cai, G.; Pang, Y; Du, C.; Shen, GG2007111
Comparison Between Broadband Decoupling Methods for Microstrip ArrayWu, B; Pang, Y; Wei, J; Qu, P; Wang, C; Yuan, J; Shen, GG2007101
Interative Back-Projection Reconstruction for Radial SENSEQu, P; Wu, B; Wang, C; Yuan, J; Wei, J; Pang, Y; Shen, GG2007121
A direct modulation optical fiber lind for 0.3T MRIYuan, J; Wei, J; Shen, GG200791
A realization of digital wireless transmission for MRI signals based on 802.11bWei, J; Liu, Z; Chai, Z; Yuan, J; Lian, J; Shen, GX2007112
A Direct Modulation Optical Fiber Link For 0.3t MriYuan, J; Wei, J; Shen, GG200791
Investigation of dynamic range requirement for MRI signal transmission by optical fiber linkYuan, J; Wei, J; Du, C.; Shen, GG2007128
Array with multiple loops for vertical field systemWu, B; Wei, J; Shen, GG200668
Single Cable Transmission for Multi-Channel MRI using Frequency Division MultiplexingWei, J; Yuan, J; Shen, GG200676
j. Wei, Jing Yuan, G.x.shen*, Effect Of Tuning Capacitor Placement On Mutual Coupling For Mri Array CoilsWei, J; Yuan, J; Shen, GG2006170
An infrared radiation study of the biophysical characteristics of traditional moxibustionShen, X; Ding, G; Wei, J; Zhao, L; Zhou, Y; Deng, H; Lao, L200635
Effect of tuning capacitor placement on mutual coupling for MRI array coilsWei, J; Yuan, J; Shen, GX2006149
Digital wireless Transmission for MRIWei, J; Wu, B; Yuan, J; Shen, GG200672
Noise Figure and Dynamic Range Optimization in OpticalLinks for MRI ApplicationsYuan, J; Qu, P; Wei, J; Shen, GG200683
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