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A temporal link between the Emeishan Large Igneous province (S.W. China) and the end-Guadalupian mass extinctionAbstracts
11th Annual Goldschmidt Conference, Geochemical Society
Zhou, MF; Malpas, JG; Song, X; Robinson, PT; Sun, M; Kennedy, AL; Lesher, CM; Keays, RR2001176
SHRIMP zircon geochronology of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province (SW China): implications for double mass extinctions in Late Permian
11th Goldschmidt Conference, Viginia, USA.
Zhou, MF; Malpas, JG; Song, X; Robinson, PT; Kennedy, K; Zhang, CJ; Yan, DP; Thompson, T; Sun, M; Lesher, CM; Keays, RR2001153
Emeishan Basalts, SW China: Reappraisal of the formation's type area stratigraphy and a discussion of its significance as a large igneous province
Journal of the Geological Society
Geological Society Publishing House. The Journal's web site is located at
Thompson, GM; Ali, JR; Song, X; Jolley, DW2001719
The Emeishan flood basalts, SW China
Continental Basalt Workshop, London, UK
Thompson, GM; Zhou, MF; Song, X; Wang, YL2000134
Principles of Geographic Information Systems and Their Applications in Urban Planning and Management
Science Press.
Song, X; Yeh, AGO1995188
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