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Soft tissues healing at immediate transmucosal implants placed into molar extraction sites with buccal self-contained dehiscences. A 12-month controlled clinical trialSiciliano, VI; Salvi, GE; Matarasso, S; Cafiero, C; Blasi, A; Lang, NP2009124
One-year outcomes of repeated adjunctive photodynamic therapy during periodontal maintenance: A proof-of-principle randomized-controlled clinical trialLulic, M; Leiggener Görög, I; Salvi, GE; Ramseier, CA; Mattheos, N; Lang, NP2009111
The effect of periodontal therapy on the survival rate and incidence of complications of multirooted teeth with furcation involvement after an observation period of at least 5 years: A systematic reviewHuynhBa, G; Kuonen, P; Hofer, D; Schmid, J; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE2009197
Restoration margins in young adolescents: a clinical and radiographic study of Swiss Army recruits.Kuonen, P; HuynhBa, G; Krummen, VS; Stössel, EM; Röthlisberger, B; Salvi, GE; Gerber, J; Pjetursson, BE; Joss, A; Lang, NP2009121
A systematic review of the survival and complication rates of implant supported fixed dental prostheses with cantilever extensions after an observation period of at least 5 yearsAglietta, M; Siciliano, VI; Zwahlen, M; Brägger, U; Pjetursson, BE; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE2009140
Immediate transmucosal implant placement in molar extraction sites: A 12-month prospective multicenter cohort studyCafiero, C; Annibali, S; Gherlone, E; Grassi, FR; Gualini, F; Magliano, A; Romeo, E; Tonelli, P; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE2008164
Influence of residual pockets on progression of periodontitis and tooth loss: Results after 11 years of maintenanceMatuliene, G; Pjetursson, BE; Salvi, GE; Schmidlin, K; Brägger, U; Zwahlen, M; Lang, NP2008166
Effects of diabetes mellitus on periodontal and peri-implant conditions: Update on associations and risksSalvi, GE; CarolloBittel, B; Lang, NP2008128
Association of the composite IL-1 genotype with peri-implantitis: A systematic reviewHuynhBa, G; Lang, NP; Tonetti, MS; Zwahlen, M; Salvi, GE2008128
One-year bacterial colonization patterns of Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria at implants and adjacent teethSalvi, GE; Fürst, MM; Lang, NP; Persson, GR2008105
Comparison of the effects of cetylpyridinium chloride with an essential oil mouth rinse on dental plaque and gingivitis - a six-month randomized controlled clinical trialAlbertKiszely, A; Pjetursson, BE; Salvi, GE; Witt, J; Hamilton, A; Persson, GR; Lang, NP200790
Resonance frequency analysis in relation to jawbone characteristics and during early healing of implant installationHuwiler, MA; Pjetursson, BE; Bosshardt, DD; Salvi, GE; Lang, NP200790
Bacterial colonization immediately after installation on oral titanium implantsFürst, MM; Salvi, GE; Lang, NP; Persson, GR2007123
Ante's (1926) law revisited: A systematic review on survival rates and complications of fixed dental prostheses (FDPs) on severely reduced periodontal tissue supportLulic, M; Brägger, U; Lang, NP; Zwahlen, M; Salvi, GE200776
Periodontal conditions in Swiss army recruits: A comparative study between the years 1985, 1996 and 2006Röthlisberger, B; Kuonen, P; Salvi, GE; Gerber, J; Pjetursson, BE; Attström, R; Joss, A; Lang, NP2007115
Adjunctive local antibiotic therapy in the treatment of peri-implantitis II: Clinical and radiographic outcomesSalvi, GE; Persson, GR; HeitzMayfield, LJA; Frei, M; Lang, NP2007135
Clinical evaluation of root filled teeth restored with or without post-and-core systems in a specialist practice settingSalvi, GE; Guldener, BES; Amstad, T; Joss, A; Lang, NP2007110
Immediate implant placement with transmucosal healing in areas of aesthetic priority: A multicentre randomized-controlled clinical trial I. Surgical outcomesLang, NP; Tonetti, MS; Suvan, JE; Bernard, JP; Botticelli, D; Fourmousis, I; Hallund, M; Jung, R; Laurell, L; Salvi, GE; Shafer, D; Weber, HP2007131
The association of the composite IL-1 genotype with periodontitis progression and/or treatment outcomes: A systematic reviewHuynhBa, G; Lang, NP; Tonetti, MS; Salvi, GE200787
Reconstruction of a periodontally compromised dentition | Rekonstruktion eines parodontal geschädigten Gebisses.Röthlisberger, B; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE200773
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