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GWAS3D: detecting human regulatory variants by integrative analysis of genome-wide associations, chromosome interactions and histone modificationsLi, J; Wang, Y; Xia, Z; Sham, PC; Wang, JJ201379
Late Paleoproterozoic sedimentary rock-hosted stratiform copper deposits in South China: their possible link to the supercontinent cycleZhou, MF; Li, J; Qi, L201324
FaSD: a efficient model to detect SNPs for NGS data.Xu, F; Wang, W; Wang, P; Li, J; Sham, PC; Wang, JJ201334
Optimal Route Queries with Arbitrary Order ConstraintsLi, J; Yang, Y; Mamoulis, N201321
Cell-specific detection of miR-375 downregulation for predicting the prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by miRNA in situ hybridizationLi, J; Li, X; Chen, L; Li, Y; Zhu, Y; Chen, S; Liu, H; Dai, Y; Chen, K; Liu, L; Zeng, T; Zhou, J; Li, F; Yang, H; Qin, YR; Guan, X201324
The potential of the human immune system to develop broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies: implications for vaccine developmentZhang, Y; Yuan, T; Li, J; Zhang, Y; Xu, J; Shao, Y; Chen, Z; Zhang, M201367
On a discrete-time risk model with delayed claims and dividendsYuen, KC; Li, J; Wu, R201347
Suppression of pulse splitting in two-core optical fibers with Kerr nonlinearityLi, J; Chiang, KS; Chow, KW201343
Towards a metagenomic understanding on enhanced biomethane production from waste activated sludge after pH 10 pretreatmentWong, MT; Zhang, D; Li, J; Hui, RKH; Tun, HM; Brar, MS; Park, TJ; Chen, Y; Leung, FCC201346
Efficient notification of meeting points for moving groups via independent safe regionsLi, J; Yiu, ML; Mamoulis, N201319
HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein variable loops are indispensable for envelope structural integrity and virus entryYuan, T; Li, J; Zhang, M201342
Mega-projects and China's neoliberal new town development: the case of Songjiang New Town in ShanghaiLi, J; Chiu, R201330
Elicitation of broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies by guiding the immune responses using primary and secondary immunogensYANG, Z; Li, J; YUAN, T; Chen, LQ; Lou, Q; Ying, H; Zhang, M201321
Os isotopic compositions of MORBs from the ultra-slow spreading Southwest Indian Ridge: Constraints on the assimilation and fractional crystallization (AFC) processesYang, AY; Zhao, T; Zhou, MF; Deng, X; Wang, G; Li, J201323
Inference of gene-phenotype associations via protein-protein interaction and orthologyWang, P; Lai, WF; Li, J; Xu, F; Yalamanchili, HK; Lovell-Badge, R; Wang, JJ201336
Use of electroacupuncture to accelerate the antidepressant action of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: a single-blind, randomised, controlled studyZhang, Z; Ng, R; Man, MSC; Li, J; Wong, W; Wong, HK; Wang, D; Wong, M; Tsang, A; Yip, K; Sze, CW201313
Sulfide Re-Os and Rb-Sr isotope dating of the Kangdian IOCG metallogenic province, southwest China: Implications for regional metallogenesisZhao, X; Zhou, MF; Li, J; Selby, D; Li, X; Qi, L201330
Impaired NK cell antiviral cytokine response against influenza virus in small-for-gestational-age neonatesLi, J; Li, H; Mao, H; Yu, M; Yang, F; Feng, T; Fan, Y; Lu, Q; Shen, C; Yin, Z; Mao, M; Tu, W201321
Secondary metabolites of the genus astragalus: structure and biological-activity update.Yang, LP; Shen, J; Xu, WC; Li, J; Jiang, J201343
Trans-Scleral Electrical Stimulation Enhances the Survival of Axotomized Retinal Ganglion CellsChiu, K; Li, J; Liang, Y; Chang, RCC; Lee, VWH; So, KF201264
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