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Age-period-cohort analysis of tuberculosis notifications in Hong Kong from 1961 to 2005Wu, P; Cowling, BJ; Schooling, CM; Wong, IOL; Johnston, JM; Leung, CC; Tam, CM; Leung, GM2008326
Lower risk of tuberculosis in obesityLeung, CC; Lam, TH; Chan, WM; Yew, WW; Ho, KS; Leung, G; Law, WS; Tam, CM; Chan, CK; Chang, KC2007127
Smoking and Tuberculosis: Infection, Disease, and Mortality (letter)Leung, CC; Lam, TH; Yew, WW200780
Weighted assortative and disassortative networks modelLeung, CC; Chau, HF2007168
A statistical analysis of social and historical factors affecting tuberculosis incidence in Hong Kong, 1961-2005 (abstract)Wu, P; Cowling, BJ; Schooling, CM; Wong, OL; Johnston, JM; Leung, CC; Tam, CM; Leung, GM200783
The relationship between socio-historical changes and tuberculosis incidence in Hong Kong (abstract and poster presentation)Wu, P; Cowling, BJ; Schooling, CM; Wong, OL; Johnston, JM; Leung, CC; Tam, CM; Leung, GM200777
Weighted accelerated growth model of complex networksLeung, CC; Chau, HF2007124
Mortality from non-malignant respiratory diseases among people with silicosis in Hong Kong: Exposure-response analyses for exposure to silica dustTse, LA; Yu, ITS; Leung, CC; Tam, W; Wong, TW200785
Diagnostic application of genotypic identification of mycobacteriaYam, WC; Yuen, KY; Kam, SY; Yiu, LS; Chan, KS; Leung, CC; Tam, CM; Ho, PO; Yew, WW; Seto, WH; Ho, PL2006102
Socio-demographic and geographic indicators and distribution of tuberculosis in Hong Kong: A spatial analysisChanYeung, M; Yeh, AGO; Tam, CM; Kam, KM; Leung, CC; Yew, WW; Lam, CW2005615
A new approach for image enhancement applied to low-contrast-low-illumination IC and document imagesLeung, CC; Chan, KS; Chan, HM; Tsui, WK2005298
Image registration in intra-oral radiographyLeung, CC; Yiu, KL; Zee, KY; Tsui, WK2005650
Smoking and tuberculosis among the elderly in Hong KongLeung, CC; Li, T; Lam, TH; Yew, WW; Law, WS; Tam, CM; Chan, WM; Chan, CK; Ho, KS; Chang, KC2004174
Direct detection of rifampin-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in respiratory specimens by PCR-DNA sequencingYam, WC; Tam, CM; Leung, CC; Tong, HL; Chan, KH; Leung, ETY; Wong, KC; Yew, WW; Seto, WH; Yuen, KY; Ho, PL2004351
B-spline snakes in two stagesLeung, CC; Chan, CH; Chan, FHY; Tsui, WK2004516
Prevalence and predictors of default from tuberculosis treatment in Hong KongChan-Yeung, MMW; Noertjojo, K; Leung, CC; Chan, SL; Tam, CM2003434
Brain tumor boundary detection in MR image with generalized fuzzy operatorLeung, CC; Chen, WF; Kwok, PCK; Chan, FHY2003652
Tuberculosis in Hong Kong - patient characteristics and treatment outcomeTam, CM; Leung, CC; Noertjojo, K; Chan, SL; Chan-Yeung, MMW2003436
Molecular and conventional epidemiology of tuberculosis in Hong Kong: a population-based prospective studyChan-Yeung, M; Tam, CM; Wong, H; Leung, CC; Wang, J; Yew, WW; Lam, CW; Kam, KM2003391
Normalization of contrast in document images using generalized fuzzy operator with least square methodLeung, CC; Kwok, PCK; Chan, FHY; Tsui, WK2002644
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