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Oral arsenic trioxide for relapsed acute promyelocytic leukemia in pediatric patientsAu, WY; Li, CK; Lee, V; Yuen, HL; Yau, J; Chan, GCF; Ha, SY; Kwong, YL2012158
Challenges in the management of juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia in Hong Kong over the past two decadesSurapolchai, P; Ha, SY; Chiang, AKS; Cheuk, DKL; Li, CH; So, CC; Wan, TSK; Chan, GCF201290
Norovirus infection in pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients: incidence, risk factors and outcomeRobles, JD; Cheuk, KLD; Ha, SY; Chiang, AKS; Chan, GCF201254
Dynamic dyssynchrony and impaired contractile reserve of the left ventricle in beta-thalassaemia major: an exercise echocardiographic studyCheung, YF; Yu, W; Li, SN; Lam, WWM; Ho, YC; Wong, SJ; Chan, GCF; Ha, SY201289
治療兒童IV期結外鼻型NK/T細胞淋巴瘤一例報告並文獻複習Duan, YL; Ha, SY; Long, XL; Cheuk, DKL; Chan, GCF; Chiang, AKS2011220
The clinical features of chinese children with von willebrand disease: The experience of a tertiary instituteZhang, ZQ; Chan, GCF; Lam, CCK; So, JCC; Cheuk, DKL; Chiang, AKS; Ha, SY2011353
The management and outcome of childhood brain tumors: the Hong Kong experience.Chan, GCF; Shing, MMK; Yuen, HL; Li, RCH; Li, CK; Luk, CW; Ha, SY; Li, CK201197
The epidemiology and outcome of childhood central nervous system germ cell tumour: report from the Hong Kong Paediatric Oncology Study GroupChan, GCF; Shing, MMK; Yuen, HL; Li, RCH; Li, CK; Luk, CW; Ha, SY; Li, CK2011278
Vincristine can induce regression of vascular malformation in long standing refractory Kasabach Merritt phenomenonChow, WC; Ha, SY; Chan, GCF2011355
Intermediate-term evaluation of a pratical chelation protocol based on stratification of thalassemic patients by serum ferritin and magnetic resonance imaging cardiac T2*Ha, SY; Mok, ASP; Chu, WCW; Rasalkar, DD; Cheuk, DKL; Chiang, AKS; Ho, MHK; Chan, GCF2011374
Cystic-like liver tumours in children: two diseases with similar appearance but different outcomeYu, J; Cheuk, DKL; Chiang, AKS; Ha, SY; Chan, GCF2011105
What is the diagnosis?Liu, APY; So, JCC; Lam, CCK; Ha, SY; Chan, GCF; Chung, BHY2011160
A 3-bp deletion in the HBS1L-MYB intergenic region on chromosome 6q23 is associated with HbF expressionFarrell, JJ; Sherva, RM; Chen, ZY; Luo, HY; Chu, BF; Ha, SY; Li, CK; Lee, ACW; Li, RCH; Li, CK; Yuen, HL; So, JCC; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC; Chan, V; Sebastiani, P; Farrer, LA; Baldwin, CT; Steinberg, MH; Chui, DHK2011183
Factors affecting mesenchymal stromal cells yield from bone marrow aspirationLi, J; Wong, WHS; Chan, S; Chim, JCS; Cheung, KMC; Lee, TL; Au, WY; Ha, SY; Lie, AKW; Lau, YL; Liang, RHS; Chan, GCF2011473
A small cohort review of neonatal transient myeloproliferative disease in Chinese childrenXiong, H; Ha, SY; Chiang, AKS; Cheuk, DKL; Zeng, LK; Chan, GCF2011146
Left ventricular twisting and untwisting motion in childhood cancer survivorsCheung, YF; Li, SN; Chan, GCF; Wong, SJ; Ha, SY2011452
First reported case of prenatal diagnosis for pyruvate kinase deficiency in a chinese familySo, CC; Tang, M; Li, CH; Ha, SY; Pissard, S; Chan, LC2011115
Health-related Quality of Life in Childhood Cancer SurvivorsCheuk, DKL; Chiang, AKS; Ha, SY; Chan, GCF201184
The epidemiology of childhood brain tumors in Hong Kong report from the Hong Kong Pediatric Haematology Oncology Study GroupChan, GCF; Shing, MMK; Yuen, HL; Li, RCH; Li, CK; Ha, SY; Li, CK2011126
Susceptibility weighted MR imaging (SWI) for the evaluation of iron-loading in patients with β-thalassaemia major (TM)Qiu, D; Chan, G; Chan, Q; Ha, SY; Khong, PL201171
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