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Matching research methods to questions: examples from the skill learning domain.Abernethy, AB; Weissensteiner, J; Farrow, D2009114
Examining the development of technical skill in cricket battingWeissensteiner, J; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D200988
Performance maintenance and emergent behaviour as a result of refractive blur.Mann, D; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D2008104
Interception enhances anticipation of advance kinematic information.Mann, D; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D200858
The anticipatory nature of expert pattern perception.Gorman, A; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D200881
Skilled anticipation relies on the coupling of vision with action. (Abstract published in Clinical and Experimental Optometry, 92(1), 61.)Mann, D; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D2008102
The role of cognitive effort in blocked and random practice of applied motor skills.Rendell, M; Farrow, D; Masters, RSW; Morris, T200863
The development of anticipation: A cross-sectional examination of the practice experiences contributing to skill in cricket battingWeissensteiner, J; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D; Müller, S2008448
Wahrnehmung von expertinnen und experten im sport: Einige kernfragen und -probleme [Expert perception in sport: Some key questions and issues].Farrow, D; Abernethy, AB2007131
The effects of fatigue on decision making and shooting skill performance in water polo playersRoyal, KA; Farrow, D; Mujika, I; Halson, SL; Pyne, D; Abernethy, B2006166
How do world-class cricket batsmen anticipate a bowler’s intention?Muller, S; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D2006202
Probing expert anticipation with the temporal occlusion paradigm: Experimental investigations of some methodological issuesFarrow, D; Abernethy, B; Jackson, RC2005251
Constraints and issues in the development of a general theory of expert perceptual-motor performance: A critique of the deliberate practice frameworkAbernethy, AB; Farrow, D; Berry, J2004111
Implicit perceptual learning and the significance of chance comparisons: A response to JacksonFarrow, D; Abernethy, B200387
Do expertise and the degree of perception-action coupling affect natural anticipatory performance?Farrow, D; Abernethy, AB2003107
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