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A numerically reliable solution for the squaring-down problem in system designChu, D; Hung, YS2004100
An evaluation of the effectiveness of a step-down clinic for diabetes in Hong KongChow, WS; So, T; Tan, KCB; Choy, A; Hung, V; Hui, CK; Chu, D; Chan, CK; Lam, KSL200368
A numerical solution for the simultaneous disturbance decoupling and row-by-row decoupling problemChu, D; Hung, YS2000115
(J, J′ )-lossless factorization for discrete-time systemsHung, YS; Chu, D199885
On extended (J, J′)-lossless factorizationHung, YS; Chu, D199854
The Past and Future of the Hong Kong Geographical Association (in Chinese)Chan, RCK; Wong, KY; Chu, D1997101
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