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Synthesis of ozone from air via a polymer-electrolyte-membrane cell with a doped tin oxide anodeWang, YH; Cheng, S; Chan, KY2006668
Electrolytic generation of ozone on antimony- And nickel-doped tin oxide electrodeWang, YH; Cheng, S; Chan, KY; Li, XY2005295
Nafion-polyfurfuryl alcohol nanocomposite membranes for direct methanol fuel cellsLiu, J; Wang, H; Cheng, S; Chan, KY2005190
Nafion-polyfurfuryl alcohol nanocomposite membranes with low methanol permeationLiu, J; Wang, H; Cheng, S; Chan, KY2004176
Supported mixed metal nanoparticles as electrocatalysts in low temperature fuel cellsChan, KY; Ding, J; Ren, J; Cheng, S; Tsang, KY2004161
Supported mixed metal nanoparticles for fuel cell electrodesChan, GKY; Ren, J; Ding, J; Zhang, X; Cheng, S; Tsang, KY2004139
Three parental strain DNA fragments existing in the Fusant Fhhh cell identified with PCRZhang, X; Shi, L; Zhu, C; Hao, C; Cheng, S; Gu, J; Wang, Y; Qiu, W200398
Transcription of mnp gene in inter-kingdom fusant Fhhh for degradation of PTA wastewaterChen, X; Chen, W; Tao, J; Gu, J; Pei, D; Yan, J; Hao, C; Cheng, S2002246
Degradation of purified terephthalic acid and expression of mnp gene for GEM FhhhCheng, S; Chen, L; Yan, J; Hao, C; Li, W; Gu, J; Cheng, G; Chen, N2002158
Sensitive detection of polyimides degradation by microorganisms using electrochemical impedance spectrosopyGu, J; Gu, J-G; Liu, J; Cheng, S200292
Regulation of MnP level in Inter-Kingdom fusan Fhhh with metal elements in degradation of organic polluantYan, J; Gu, J; Cheng, G; Chen, NM; Cheng, S2001157
Optimal levels of 4 factors for treatment of PTA wastewater with GEM FhhhTao, J; Chen, X; Chen, W; Li, W; Pei, D; Gu, J; Hao, C; Cheng, S2001121
Degradation of phthalic acid and dimethyl phthalate ester by enrichment cultures of aerobic bacteriaFan, Y; Cheng, S; Gu, J200187
Degradation of the herbicide dicamba under strictly anaerobic conditionsGu, J; Cheng, S; Gu, J-G200192
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