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Pause on avian flu transmission researchFouchier, RAM; GarcíaSastre, A; Kawaoka, Y; Barclay, WS; Bouvier, NM; Brown, IH; Capua, I; Chen, H; Compans, RW; Couch, RB; Cox, NJ; Doherty, PC; Donis, RO; Feldmann, H; Guan, Y; Katz, J; Klenk, HD; Kobinger, G; Liu, J; Liu, X; Lowen, A; Mettenleiter, TC; Osterhaus, ADME; Palese, P; Peiris, JSM; Perez, DR; Richt, JA; SchultzCherry, S; Steel, J; Subbarao, K; Swayne, DE; Takimoto, T; Tashiro, M; Taubenberger, JK; Thomas, PG; Tripp, RA; Tumpey, TM; Webby, RJ; Webster, RG2012116
Genome-wide association analysis identifies new lung cancer susceptibility loci in never-smoking women in AsiaLan, Q; Hsiung, CA; Matsuo, K; Hong, YC; Seow, A; Wang, Z; Hosgood, HD; Chen, K; Wang, JC; Chatterjee, N; Hu, W; Zhou, B; Shin, MH; Fraumeni, JF; Lin, D; Chanock, SJ; Caporaso, N; Rothman, N; Park, JY; Chen, CJ; Kim, YH; Liu, J; Kim, YT; Landi, MT; Shen, H; Lawrence, C; Burdett, L; Yeager, M; Yuenger, J; Jacobs, KB; Chang, IS; Mitsudomi, T; Jeon, HS; Kim, HN; Chang, GC; Bassig, BA; Tucker, M; Wei, F; Yin, Z; Wu, C; An, SJ; Qian, B; Lee, VHF; Hsiao, CF; Lu, D; Sung, JS; Kim, JH; Gao, YT; Tsai, YH; Jung, YJ; Guo, H; Hu, Z; Chen, YM; Hutchinson, A; Wang, WC; Klein, R; Chung, CC; Oh, IJ; Chen, KY; Berndt, SI; He, X; Wu, W; Chang, J; Liu, L; Zhang, XC; Huang, MS; Zheng, H; Wang, J; Zhao, X; Li, Y; Choi, JE; Su, WC; Park, KH; Sung, SW; Kang, CH; Shu, XO; Hu, L; Chen, CH; Pao, W; Kim, YC; Yang, TY; Xu, J; Guan, P; Chen, CY; Tan, W; Su, J; Wang, CL; Li, H; Sihoe, ADL; Zhao, Z; Chen, Y; Choi, YY; Hung, JY; Kim, JS; Vermeulen, R; Yoon, HI; Cai, Q; Lin, CC; Park, IK; Xu, P; Dong, J; Kim, C; He, Q; Perng, RP; Kohno, T; Wu, J; Kweon, SS; Lim, WY; Chen, KC; Chow, WH; Ji, BT; Chan, JKC; Chu, M; Li, YJ; Wong, MP; Yokota, J; Li, J; Chen, H; Xiang, YB; Yu, CJ; Kunitoh, H; Wu, G; Jin, L; Lo, YL; Shiraishi, K; Zheng, W; Chen, YH; Lin, HC; Wu, T; Wu, YL; Yang, PC2012116
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics): PrefaceChau, M; Wang, AG; Yue, WT; Chen, H201263
CFTR mediates bicarbonate-dependent activation of miR-125b in preimplantation embryo development.Lu, YC; Chen, H; Fok, KL; Tsang, LL; Yu, MK; Zhang, XH; Chen, J; Jiang, X; Chung, YW; Ma, CH; Leung, AYH; Huang, HF; Chan, HC201235
RAD18-BRCTx interaction is required for efficient repair of UV-induced DNA damageLiu, T; Chen, H; Kim, H; Huen, MSY; Chen, J; Huang, J2012118
Intelligence and security informatics: Pacific Asia Workshop, PAISI 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 29, 2012: proceedingsChau, MCL; Wang, GA; Yue, WT; Chen, H201255
Does prohibitin expression regulate sperm mitochondrial membrane potential, sperm motility, and male fertility?Wang, MJ; Ou, JX; Chen, GW; Wu, JP; Shi, HJ; O, WS; Martin-DeLeon, PA; Chen, H201276
An Extended Photoelectrothermal Theory for LED Systems: A Tutorial From Device Characteristic to System Design for General LightingHui, SYR; Chen, H; Tao, XH201288
LTBP-2 confers pleiotropic suppression and promotes dormancy in a growth factor permissive microenvironment in nasopharyngeal carcinomaChen, H; Ko, JMY; Wong, VCL; Hyytiainen, M; KeskiOja, J; Chua, D; Nicholls, JM; Cheung, FMF; Lee, AWM; Kwong, DLW; Chiu, PM; Zabarovsky, ER; Tsao, SW; Tao, Q; Kan, R; Chan, SHK; Stanbridge, EJ; Lung, ML2012151
A new noncontact method for the prediction of both internal thermal resistance and junction temperature of white light-emitting diodesTao, X; Chen, H; Li, SN; Hui, SYR2012106
Tumor suppressor dual-specificity phosphatase 6 (DUSP6) impairs cell invasion and epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)-associated phenotypeWong, VCL; Chen, H; Ko, JMY; Chan, KW; Chan, YP; Law, S; Chua, D; Kwong, DLW; Lung, HL; Srivastava, G; Tang, JCO; Tsao, SW; Zabarovsky, ER; Stanbridge, EJ; Lung, ML2012229
Establishment and lineage replacement of h6 influenza viruses in domestic ducks in southern ChinaHuang, K; Zhu, H; Fan, X; Wang, J; Cheung, CL; Duan, L; Hong, W; Liu, Y; Li, L; Smith, DK; Chen, H; Webster, RG; Webby, RJ; Peiris, M; Guan, Y2012158
S-allylmercaptocysteine effectively inhibits the proliferation of colorectal cancer cells under in vitro and in vivo conditionsLiang, D; Qin, Y; Zhao, W; Zhai, X; Guo, Z; Wang, R; Tong, L; Lin, L; Chen, H; Wong, YC; Zhong, Z2011143
Intelligence and Security Informatics: Pacific Asia Workshop, PAISI 2011, Beijing, China, July 9, 2011. ProceedingsChau, MCL; Wang, GA; Zheng, X; Chen, H; Zeng, D; Mao, W201194
Social work education in China: time to take root?Wong, YC; Gu, DH; Chen, H201149
The ECM protein LTBP-2 is a suppressor of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma tumor formation but higher tumor expression associates with poor patient outcomeChan, SHK; Yee Ko, JM; Chan, KW; Chan, YP; Tao, Q; Hyytiainen, M; KeskiOja, J; Law, S; Srivastava, G; Tang, J; Tsao, SW; Chen, H; Stanbridge, EJ; Lung, ML2011259
Sperm prohibitin expression positively correlates with sperm mitochondrial potential and sperm motility in asthenospermic or oligoasthenospermic subjectsChen, H; Wang, MJ; OU, JX; Huang, SF; Chen, GW; O, WS2011141
正覺的道路(小五)Sik, HH; Wu, WYB; Chen, H201157
Enterprise risk and security management: Data, text and Web miningChen, H; Chau, M; Li, SH201164
Microfluidic generation of multifunctional quantum dot barcode particlesZhao, Y; Shum, HC; Chen, H; Adams, LLA; Gu, Z; Weitz, DA2011138
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