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Interleukin-10 protects retinal ganglion cell from laser induced ocular hypertension in the rat glaucoma modelChang, RCC; Chiu, K; Yeung, SC; Ho, YS; Chan, W; So, KF2008113
Neuroprotective effect of IL-10 on retinal ganglion cell survival in experimental glaucoma modelChiu, K; Yeung, SC; Ho, YS; Chan, W; So, KF; Chang, RCC200862
How Does Customer Participation Drive Performance Outcomes? The Salience of Value Cocreation and CultureChan, W; Yim, BCK; Lam, SSK200896
Proteomics analysis of differential expression of cellular proteins in response to avian H9N2 virus infection in human cellsLiu, N; Song, W; Wang, P; Lee, K; Chan, W; Chen, H; Cai, Z2008159
Serum adiponectin is increased in advancing liver fibrosis and decline with reduction in fibrosis in chronic hepatitis BZhang, H; Hui, CK; Lee, PY; Chan, W; Yueng, YH; Leung, KW; Lu, L; Leung, N; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Luk, JMC; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Kwong, YL; Lau, G2007224
Serum adiponectin is increased in advancing liver fibrosis and declines with reduction in fibrosis in chronic hepatitis BHui, CK; Zhang, HY; Lee, NP; Chan, W; Yueng, YH; Leung, KW; Lu, L; Leung, N; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Luk, JM; Xu, A; Lam, KS; Kwong, YL; Lau, GKK2007147
Good for the Goose or Gander? Effect of Customer Participation Orientation on Customer and Employee SatisfactionYim, BCK; Chan, W; Lam, SSK; Tse, DKC2007178
Multiple Reference Effects on Service Satisfaction and Commitment: Roles of Alternative Attractiveness and Self-Image Congruity'Yim, BCK; Chan, W; Hung, KHK2007175
Increment of sleeping time does not implicate enhancement on memory and learning in adolescentsSum, M; Liu, B; Sy, L; Chan, W; Wong, C; Suen, K; Chang, RCC200683
Lupus nephritis in Chinese children--a territory-wide cohort study in Hong KongWong, SN; Tse, KC; Lee, TL; Lee, KW; Chim, S; Lee, KP; Chu, WP; Chan, W; Fong, KW; Hui, J; Li, SPS; Yeung, PS; Yuen, SF; Ho, ACH; Leung, LCK; Luk, D; Chan, SY; Cheung, HM; Chow, CM; Lau, D2006382
Service Relationship Building Process: Does the Customer-Employee Relationship Matter?Yim, BCK; Tse, DKC; Chan, W2005198
Effects of Staff-Customer Relationship During Service Failure and Recovery: Cognitive Appraisal and Emotional RulesTse, DKC; Yim, BCK; Chan, W2005183
Justice-based Service Recovery Expectations: Measurement and AntecedentsYim, BCK; Gu, F; Chan, W; Tse, DKC2003594
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in Hong Kong and Its Current ManagementLee, TL; Lau, YL; Chan, W; Chow, PY; Chu, WP; Hui, J; Ko, PW; Lee, KP; Lee, SY; Lee, WK; Leung, CW; Luk, DCK; Tse, KC2003145
Nano-sized crystalline grains and microstructre of the interfaces between bone and cement using TEM and EDXLu, WW; Cheung, KMC; Wong, C; Chen, QZ; Luk, KDK; Chan, W; Leong, JCY200381
Trenchless Area 2002Pakianathan, L; Kwong, AKL; McLearie, D; Chan, W200291
Benefits of cardiac rehabilitation in patients with left ventricular systolic heart failureYu, CM; Li, LSW; Siu, DCW; Lam, KB; Ho, YY; Ho, E; Chan, W; Chiu, SY; Lau, CP2001179
Return to work after cardiac rehabilitationLi, LSW; Lam, B; Ho, YY; Chan, W; Ho, E; Yu, CM; Lau, CP2001140
Clinical prognostic factors are stronger predictors of outcome in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma than pathological subtypes.Coiffier, B; Anderson, J; Armitage, JO; Berger, F; Cavalli, F; Chan, W; Close, P; Connors, J; Diebold, J; Cascoyne, R; Harris, N; Hiddermann, W; Ho, FCS; Jacobs, P; Liang, RHS; Lister, A; MacClennan, K; Muller-Hermelink, H; Nathwani, B; Norton, A; Ott, G; Pedrinis, E; Rosenberg, SA; Roy, P; Schauer, A; Weisenburger, D199686
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